Sewage Spill Beaches Obama’s Hawaiian Holiday

Oh the irony, considering the ‘crap sandwiches’ Obama has shoved down the throats of Americans the past two years.


Hawaii Reporter reports:

The City & County of Honolulu reports there were an estimated 14 sewage spills during the heavy rainstorm last weekend, at least four of which the state says happened in the windward community of Kailua where President Obama and his family are staying this holiday season.

Those sewage overflows rose from waterlogged manholes and went into the Kaelepulu Stream, which is one of two major waterways in the Kailua district. No total for the sewage gallon count total has been posted yet.


To top it off, President Barack Obama and his family are visiting the islands, and in fact, are staying right on Kailua beach in the homes where the brown water, bubbles and all, will finally land.


With all the national news in town focusing on the president and his family and the houses they are staying in and the shave ice they are eating, it is surprising that no news networks besides Hawaii News Now and Hawaii Reporter are asking these questions and noting that the local government is intentionally dumping sewage at the beach where president and family are vacationing.

Aloooooo – ha! … Mr. President.

Maybe Obama is not Hawaii’s favorite son after all…

To funny, wherever O goes crap follows. Remember the Martha’s Vineyard incident?

Maybe it is an omen. Hey Obama stop crapping on America. You deserve this, but we deserve better.