A Rally for Truth on the Obamabomb Deal

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We’re told that the debate about the Obamabomb deal with Iran is over. But its advocates sure seem worried about a rally that will take place at the U.S. Capitol on September 9th.

Presumably that’s because, with headliners like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck, it promises to be a powerful expression of the overwhelming opposition of the American people to this disastrous agreement.

So, the deal’s partisans have taken to smearing the rally’s organizer’s – including yours truly, evidently in the hope that doing so will either undermine the event or at least change the subject.

The truth is: President Obama’s abject capitulation to the Iranian mullahs cannot withstand scrutiny. Bipartisan majorities in Congress and across the country reject it, and will hold accountable those determined nonetheless to foist it on the rest of us.

Stop the deal.

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