‘Republican’ Kentucky judge demonstrates the faux two-party system


Personal Liberty

In my writing I have often demonstrated how the faux two-party system in America is a fraud designed to keep Americans distracted and divided, yet for some reason few readers ever catch on.

So for those Republican voters who remain trapped in the false paradigm believing that the country will be made right again by simply electing a Republican president, I give you this: U.S. District Judge David Bunning, the Kentucky judge who persecuted by unlawfully imprisoning the Kentucky clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses, in 2003 ordered students at a Kentucky school to a “re-education camp” as part of a settlement that required the school to host a gay club. Students who claimed to oppose gay marriage on religious grounds were required by Bunning to attend the pro-homo perversion-endorsing “re-education course.” In 2007, sitting temporarily on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Bunning was part of a three-judge panel that unanimously struck down a Michigan law banning the procedure known as partial-birth abortion, in which a viable baby is partially pulled from its mother’s womb and murdered by, among other methods, sticking a sharp object into its brain.

Bunning is the son of former GOP Sen. Jim Bunning. He is a Republican, and he claims to be a conservative. He was appointed by President George W. Bush.

The two parties are not Democrat and Republican. They are government and the people. The U.S. government is an enemy of the people.

We are currently being ruled by a lawless oligarchy of nine Ivy league-educated satanists. The remaining federal judiciary endorses this. Much of the state judiciary endorses this. The elected class endorses this. The propaganda media endorse this and proclaim ad nauseam that Supreme Court rulings are the “law of the land.” Many of the sheeple, dumbed down by the public (non)education system and mainstream propaganda media, endorse this.

This is not the country of our Founders. It’s high time we returned to the founding document and employed a remedy advocated by the Founders. To do that, we must elect leaders at the state level willing to nullify federal usurpations and secede if necessary.

The federal system is broken and cannot be repaired or restored, so it must be reset.