Maine: The Second Amendment Is The Right To Carry Concealed


Guns N Freedom

The State House and Senate of Maine has passed LD 652 which abolishes the requirement to get a concealed carry permit before you carry concealed and it will take effect in two weeks (October).

While signed and passed in June, it will become effective October of this year. This effectively ends the prerequisite need to get a permit, albeit the permit process will remain in place for those who so desire to obtain one.

With only two stipulations that do infringe the right to carry, it seems to be the best state law passed this year for 2nd Amendment rights. The two stipulations are that first, you must be at or over 21 years of age, and that you must tell an officer that you are carrying in a traffic stop.

Considering that multiple states practically deny the right to carry completely, moving to Maine will now be a greater incentive with this right to carry law. While Maine all ready had a permit-less open carry law passed, this continues the right to carry by moving to concealed.

On April 9, Breitbart News reported that Maine State Police support rescinding the concealed carry permit requirement in the state. They pointed to the hassle of differentiating between when a gun is or isn’t concealed and said Maine would “be better off” without a concealed carry permit.

Now if only the state I live in would follow the wonderful example of Maine…

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