Americans Didn’t Die To Roll Out the Red Carpet for Muslim Terrorists

I am getting  sick of the press dancing around this issue so today I am going to tell it like  I see it. You can call me a bigot or intolerant if you want but I am going to  speak for the American people today. Someone has to.

Over  2000 Americans have lost their lives in Afghanistan.


Over  4500 Americans have lost their lives in Iraq.

Almost  3000 Americans died in the 9/11 attacks.


That’s about  9,500 Americans who have lost their lives in the war on terrorism and the number  goes far beyond that. There are smaller attacks too numerous to mention. One of  the obvious examples is Benghazi. The total number is well over 10,000 Americans  who have died due to the war on terror and the number continues to grow.

Most of these  deaths have been in some form or fashion linked to Al Qaeda but terrorism is  terrorism no matter what you call it or what organization you claim is  responsible. Not all Muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are  Muslims. That’s a fact. It’s a fact that you won’t see printed by major  media sources because the MSM (Mainstream Media) is soft.

The MSM seems  slow to admit that the Tsarnaev brothers were linked to Al Qaeda, but they seem  slow to acknowledge the facts on anything at this point. Russia warned us at  least two times in 2011 about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. In his most recent trip abroad  it was said that he spent time training with radicals who had links to Al Qaeda.  My opinion is that there is no such thing as a “link” to Al Qaeda. That’s just a  fancy dance around the truth. You are either Al Qaeda or you are not.

It has become  known that the brothers used  Al Qaeda’s Inspire Magazine to learn how to build their “Pressure Cooker” bombs. Who reads Al Qaeda magazines? Well in my mind anyone who is reading  that stuff, and taking it seriously enough to act on the advice, is at the very  least an “Al Qaeda Wannabe.” So let’s stop soft peddling the issue. Whether the  Tsarnaev brothers were card carrying members of Al Qaeda, or not, fails to  matter. It is obvious that they embraced the same ideologies and Al Qaeda is  responsible. In my mind all terrorists’ organizations are responsible.  They spread the hate and the hate ends up leaving innocent people in  coffins.

The Department  of Homeland Security (DHS) and everyone else seem to be trying to throw the  Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) under the bus. That’s how it works in  this country. Government officials are slow to accept blame and quick to pass  it. I blame a country that has become soft on immigration and that blame goes  all the way to the top. I blame Obama. I blame our legislators. I blame the  political activists who want to reach out and hug a Jihadi.

I blame a  government that is making an excuse of Tamerlan falling through the cracks  because of being buried on a watch list of 500,000 potential terrorists. Think  about that. Think about it hard.

The IRS  can keep up with 100 Million or so taxpayers without a problem. These  things are done with sophisticated software programs. There is no excuse  for not being able to keep up with 500,000 potential terrorists. It’s  not like they have an individual agent following each of them. If someone is  flagged then they should react to an individual situation accordingly and the  repeated warnings from Russia should have escalated the scrutiny of Tamerlan. The American people are sick of the  excuses. Mistakes were made and now we must turn our thoughts to serious  discussion about preventing this from happening again. Tamerlan Tsarnaev  should have never been allowed to stay in this country.  Period.

This will never  prevent someone like Timothy McVeigh from blowing up a federal building but it  might keep things like Boston from happening.

We live  in a society that has grown so politically correct that no one has the guts to  make the tough decisions, or even have the honest discussions, anymore.  They had chances to deport Tamerlan Tsarnaev and did not. They allowed his  younger brother to become a citizen even though his brother and mother were in a  database of potential terrorists. They allowed Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi into this  country despite having 11 relatives who are either suspected or convicted  terrorists. Five of his relatives are in Gitmo as we speak.

Mosques in  Boston are allowed to go about their business despite numerous proven ties to  worldwide terrorists. Beyond that, these same Mosques receive  key endorsements from political figures like Governor Deval Patrick.

All of  this is an absolute insult to those who fought and those who died. Let  us not forget the wounds of war, both physical and mental, that our young men  and women come home with. They give their service to this country and come home  without missing limbs and incur horrendous mental scars of Post-Traumatic Stress  Disorder. The number is into tens of thousands when you count those who have not  only died but those who have made it home alive, but never to be the same.

If we  continue to allow these things to happen then we spit in the face of every  person and every American family who has been effected by  terrorism.

We need strong  leaders now with the guts to make tough decisions. We don’t need a federal  government that continues to invite more hate into this country.

If someone is  suspected as a terrorist, send their ass home. Plain and simple. Or, at the very  least, don’t let them in the country to begin with. Once they are here it is a  bit more complicated, but let’s stop rolling out the red carpet for them.

Tamerlan  Tsarnaev had a domestic abuse circumstance that was grounds for deportation, yet  he was allowed to stay. Alharbi’s story stinks to levels of corruption  that are unimaginable. A young man from a family of known and suspected  terrorists gets a personal visit from Michelle Obama and has since been  discovered to be a regular visitor to The White House.

As for the  younger Tsarnaev brother…if your brother and your mother are on a  terrorist watch list then you should not be eligible to even be in this country,  let alone become a naturalized citizen.

I don’t want to  imply that the Muslim community is the only group who feels this way, and I  don’t want to imply that all Muslims feel this way, but…

Are you aware  that 25,000+ protestors gathered in Britain last week? They were Pakistanis who  were protesting that the laws should be changed. They are tired of insults to  Allah and feel that the laws should be changed to not allow insults toward  Allah. This should be a crime in their minds. I can understand the feeling to a  point. I am Christian and I do not like it when anyone insults Jesus Christ,  but…

People  who are not willing to abide by the rules of the land should not be  here. We have free speech here and if someone wants to make juvenile  movie called “The Innocence of Islam” then they have the right to do that. I can  be angry about it but I must accept that people in this country have the right  to say what they want. I don’t like that Fred Phelps spreads the “God Hates  Fags” message and I don’t like the fact that anyone would slander anyone else’s  religious views. But in America, and in most free countries around the globe,  this is how it works. It is called free speech.

If someone  cannot accept that then they don’t need to be here. Americans do not  understand the difference in cultures and they do not understand how much  trouble we continue to invite. Let’s talk about Egypt. I brought  up that stupid movie for a reason. “The Innocence of Islam” is an insulting  movie. I watched about ten minutes of it and I was done. It is not meant to  bring about honest debate. It is purely meant to insult the proud Muslim people.  I will not defend the product on its merits because it truly has no merits in my  opinion.

I will defend  that they had a right to make that movie in a free speech society. That is how  America works. But you must understand that this is not a traditional Middle  Eastern view. How many people are aware that Egypt has handed out 7  death sentences to those who they found guilty of participating in the  production of that movie? That’s right…7 death  sentences.

Any speak  against Allah or the Prophet Mohammed is punishable by death in Egypt and many  other Muslim nations. This is a country that we support both militarily and  financially.

Is that an  American view of Freedom? Do a little soul searching and you will find your  answer. It’s not a matter of hating Muslims or any other group. But you must  understand the cultures and how they clash. Christians are being  murdered in Egypt on a regular basis simply because they are  Christians. Churches are being burnt and vandalized.

There needs to  be a lot of discussion in our nation in the wake of Boston and it can’t be had  by people who are afraid to break the rules of political correctness.

Are all Muslim  people bad? No they are not. Not all Muslims share the same radical  interpretation of their teachings. At the same time, when we have reason to  suspect that one of those radicals is within our borders we need to kick their  ass out, before they can plant bombs in another major city.

Think about the  families of those who lost their lives in 9/11 and the families of those who  lost their lives in foreign lands, and tell me that they don’t deserve a serious  explanation right now.

We need people  in Washington D.C. with guts but what we have is a bunch of bleeding hearts who  have policies that get people killed. By rolling out the red carpet for these  terrorists they have slapped millions of Americans in the face. This must stop  now.

I’d like to  recommend a good resource for those who would like to do further research. A  gentleman named Robert Spencer has an amazing research and news site called JihadWatch.  If you would just go look at the stories for the past week on his site you might  realize that this problem is much bigger than you think.

Americans demand  some real talk on a real issue and they demand it happens now…before it’s too  late. The enemy has been allowed inside.

I won’t sugar  coat it. It is truly us or them at this point. They are already here and our  government has allowed it to happen.

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10 thoughts on “Americans Didn’t Die To Roll Out the Red Carpet for Muslim Terrorists

  1. After three or four generations of Dr. Spock saying ‘don’t punish your children’ and people who insist that guns kill people and banishing guns would solve that, but flying airplanes into buildings wasn’t the airplane’s fault, I’m about fed up with stupidity.

    As we speak, we send our young men and women into combat and when they return damaged, they are not treates as ‘wounded warriors’. In fact, almost 130,000 of them have now been classified “mentally deficient’, reported to the Justice Department, and not allowed to own firearms.

    We are not going to get any better leaders. The only people who can win Presidential elections are people who can get a BILLION dollars donated to them. Billionaires and corporations don’t toss that kind of money around without expecting to get a return on it.

    But “us or them” doesn’t account for an entire city being locked down under threat of being shot for stepping outdoors while armed police searched house to house without warrants; or an hour long gunfight to capure an unarmed nineteen year old kid.

    It doesn’t explain why the CDC needs a database of people who refuse vaccinations – and it doesn’t explain why our country is going to shit.

    The fact is that the Islamists won on 9/11 by causing our country to go batshit and now the DOZENS of intelligence agencies we have to prevent this sort of thing can’t – and they never could. It’s all a dog and pony show. The TSA NEVER CAUGHT ONE TERRORIST.

    So when someone comes to the door and says they are going to search your house without a warrant and confiscate your firearms in order to make the country safer – but THEY HAVE FIREARMS TO MAKE YOU COMPLY, will you? About half the country will. The rest of us won’t. I don’t care if they are wearing Salwar Kameez or some sort of TSA uniform. That’s the enemy.

    • Bet your ass Tex these basterds can kiss mine and I have no qualms about killing as many of them that I can before they get me! And I intend to hit them in the soft spots for effect if you get my drift! MOLON LABE!!!!! fornicate them all¡!

    • Welcome to the New Normal. The old rules don’t apply and the new rules are all about them.

  2. Great post 1dragon you did good as always! Of all my monitored sites I appreciate and like yours the most! I also appreciate the fact that you do not try to inhibit my expressions no matter how frustrated and nasty I may get and it helps to vent at times thanks much!

  3. @1dragon: It may be the new normal for all the rest, but it isn’t for me and it isn’t for the people I know. Most of us are combat veterans. I’m a Viet-Nam era combat Marine (RVN ’67-’69) and I have no qualms about defending my home or myself. I am a patriot. I will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    Boston was an example of the implementation of martial law. It HAD to be a prepatory exercise because how can anyone imagine millions of rubes actually obeying an order to hide under their beds while militarized police conducted house-to house searches by ordering the occupants out with their hands up as though this one kid got in their house without their knowledge and was hiding in the attic?

    Everyone already knew they were looking for a nineteen year old college kid. Why wasn’t everyone outside watching for him? In Texas, he wouldn’t have got one block before someone threw down on him and held him for the police. I live in Hawaii now, but he would never have got on my farm at all.

    Most people don’t play that shit. The Second Amendment arms us against EXACTLY that sort of action by the government – but it also allows us to protect ourselves and our homes against criminal invasion.

    As the economy fails, the services all these people have come to expect will have to be curtailed. Police, fire and ambulance are all SERVICES – not OBLIGATIONS. When there is no more money to pay for them, you will have to do it yourself. When the phone circuits and cell towers get overloaded, there is no one to call anyway, and if you get someone, they are already busy. If the best they can do is tell you to hide inside and lock your doors, you know they can’t do anything at all – and they didn’t.

    They had a fine exercise until they called it off and THEN a CITIZEN found the suspect (so the story goes – I suspect it was a FLIR unit on a helicopter) and they shot it out with him for an hour before they subdued him – and then discovered he was unarmed. For all we know BOTH these guys were unarmed because none of that story makes any sense at all.

    Be that as it may, we now have an excuse to stop sending aid to all of the Muslim countries around Russia and start considering Russia an ally. We have an excuse not to install missiles in all those countries – since we promised to but can’t afford to.

    It’s pretty obvious that Russia tried to prevent this and we wouldn’t listen – probably because the CIA was fronting Tamerlan. Untol very recently, if we wanted to get food and supplies and people to the space station, we had to use Russian rockets – which they have provided.

    The Chinese LOAN us almost fifty cents of every dollar we spend – so talking tough about them is going nowhere. If they started dumping dollars, our economy goes down in 24 hours. So if they want the Northern Japanese Islands, they get them. They aren’t going to invade Taiwan – it’s a money pit for them already – like Hong Kong.

    The Russians have problems with the Muslims – so do the Chinese – so do the Filipinos – so does the EU – so does Australia – and so do we. We have all tried to fight them, but we can’t win against an enemy who has such a pitiful life that they WANT TO die.

    If we just get the hell out of those places, they immediately go back to killing each other instead of us. LET THEM!

    Do you know who gave Iran it’s first nuclear reactor? How about North Korea? Any guesses? Yep. WE DID. Do you realize that nuclear weapons need to be rebuilt periodically or they won’t work? Guess who does THAT for us? I’m not supposed to tell you, but you can probably guess. Whoever it is has a revolving stockpile of about 300 nuclear weapons on any given day.

    • Sorry but it takes time to get use to my sence of humor. There is nothing normal, in fact far from it. Our so-called great uniter in chief has done nothing but divide us and continue to do so every day and doesn’t care what Russia, China, North Korea or anyone else does because his Communist parents raised him in their image.

  4. That’s a great post. And while we are at it, that whole business of homegrown mantra they pushed from the beginning is BS. Yet you still here echoes of them talking about it.

    I’ve come to agree, especially now with Syria on the list. Why arm them, which is what captain brilliant wants to do now? The arms are then turned against us. Maybe having their own struggle will keep the Mujahideen busy. They can’t account for the arms and equiptment from Libya. Now they want to send armored vehiles etc to Syria. And I guess it would be fashionable to be on the side of al Quaeda in Syria?

    • They don’t know where all the guns went because of Fast & Furious either and even though another person shows up dead due to these guns, but that’s okay.

  5. This bears repeating:
    “We need people in Washington D.C. with guts but what we have is a bunch of bleeding hearts who have policies that get people killed. By rolling out the red carpet for these terrorists they have slapped millions of Americans in the face. This must stop now.”

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