BOSTON BOMBERS: Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta and Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi – The Missing Brown U Student

Gateway Pundit

THE BOSTON BOMBERS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED: Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta (in black hat) and Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi (in white hat) – The Missing Brown U Student. suspect 1 and 2

Neither one of the bombers is Caucasian as the media reported.

Sunil Tripathi went missing in March.

Mike Mulugeta is dead. (From Boston police scanners)

Sunil Tripathi is a fan of Che Guevara. sunil tripathi che

Suspect #2 Sunil Tripathi is on the loose in Watertown.

Guess they weren’t right wingers, huh?

UPDATE: It looks like I was right… ODDS ARE Boston Bomber Is Either Islamic Extremist or Left-Wing Terrorist

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