Truth beware: The Internet “Obamanator” is here


Internet web sites, pundits, bloggers, commentators and denizens of the “alternative media” who are critical of Barack Hussein Obama beware, as you will now be “officially” in the crosshairs of the Obama White House. As part of his 2012 re-election campaign, the Obama administration this week created an “online rapid response team” tasked specifically with quashing any Internet articles and news critical of Obama.

This team is headed by Internet guru Jesse C. LEE, 31 of Tacoma Park, Maryland, who was named the “Director of Progressive Media & Online Response.”  Unsurprisingly, this is the first administration in history to ever create such a position, and LEE is well suited to head the Ministry of Propaganda, err… the Progressive Media & Online Response team.

Displaying the hubris of an emperor rather than an elected official and possibly violating campaign finance by doing so, Obama brought the fight against Internet publications critical of his administration in-house. Previously, such efforts were performed and funded by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). With LEE’s hire inside of the White House Communications Department, the operation is now being officially funded by the American taxpayers.

To launch his campaign against Obama detractors and negative reports, LEE has already created an official White House Twitter account, featuring as his first tweet the image of “The Terminator”  with the message “OK, turning on the White House Twitter machine that they issued me in 3…2…1…”

By design, the image sends a threatening message to anyone critical of the Obama administration and sends a signal that unfavorable reports about Obama and his reign will be dealt with much more aggressively.

As Americans, we know that the right to a free press and public opposition to the ruling powers is integral to our freedom. What message is this White House sending to those who aspire to engage in a healthy debate or discussion of issues by affixing the image of “The Terminator” to its official White House Twitter account? We’d say that tactic is much more consistent with the Orwellian theme of Newspeak and its enforcement, rather than one actually committed to the truth.

Welcome to “the digital age of Obama.”


4 thoughts on “Truth beware: The Internet “Obamanator” is here

  1. This is nothing but using tax funded dollars for his campaign and ILLEGAL, but he can get away with anything as we have seen.

    • Since he has the courts and the media backing him, he can say or do what he wants. If anyone questions him well……………….. you’re a racist.

  2. In light of Obama’s persistent un-American behavior and obvious Marxist agenda, the truth is to his re-election campaign what daylight is to a vampire. Because facts continually refute the liberal ideology, Obama’s goon squad will have to rely on the only weapons progressives have in their arsenal—lies, deceit, and demagoguery. Unfortunately, this time it will be funded by the American tax payer.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      Barry can’t run on his record nor can he run on experience. Keep a close eye on him and see if you keep track of how many times he blames Bush.

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