With Republicans like these, who needs Republicans?

Flopping Aces

It’s no wonder we’re so screwed.

Barack Obama has decided that he is the king of the United States and Republicans are in meek compliance. Obama unilaterally took us to war in Libya on a false premise. Libya was never an imminent threat. Obama invoked the War Powers Act in defense of his actions but now that the 60 days has passed Obama simply declared that he will simply not abide by the law.

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Government is violating basic rights

The Daily Progress

This kind of nonsense should drive every patriotic American up the wall.

An area resident was forced by park rangers to leave a public Revolutionary War battlefield — where his ancestors fought, by the way — because his car carried a political sticker.

The man complained to the Albemarle County-based Rutherford Institute, which has written the National Park Service to demand that rangers be educated about the First Amendment, not to mention the service’s own regulations.

This violation of basic rights is so outrageous that one might wonder how it could even occur.

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