Is it time to Retire the GOP?

Socialism is not the Answer

by: 1 Dragon

Apparently the GOP forgot who won the Mid-term Election. They have been going around trying their best to please the Democrats and have forgotten what the Democrats did when they were in control. The back room deals, the closed door sessions with no Republicans allowed, not to mention all the name calling and back stabbing.

The GOP seem to have forgotten that if it weren’t for true Patriots in the Tea Party who went out and protested against Big Government and higher taxes, they might not have been elected.

True Patriots still believe in limited government. They still believe in the Constitution and yes there are still some of us who still question the eligibility of Obama and wonder why Congress has failed to investigate him.

The truth is simple, the facts are there, so much that a blind man can see them. If the GOP does not want to lead or can’t, then they need to get out of the way. Maybe it’s time to retire the GOP and allow the true Patriots of America to fight against the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/ Democrats.

3 thoughts on “Is it time to Retire the GOP?

  1. Well dragon interesting read. I could no disagree more however. It’s seems you have been getting your mind washed by the liberal media. Fact: Alan West who nobody that would want to be standing is No RINO…He voted against Ryan’s bill because it didn’t make enough cuts. Also an add was run showing Republicans throwing an old lady over a cliff in a wheel chair. The issue is not Medicare, it is solvent until 2024. Medicaid is the drain along with food stamps and unemployment insurance. Since the current administration has no economic model that can lead to job creation in the private sector it will fail. People will vote with their wallets, are you better off today than you were with George W. Bush? Gas prices were 1.34 a gallon when he left office, utility bills have indeed “necessarily skyrocketed” under his plan, and food prices in our area are up. No dragon people will vote their wallet and IMHO a blind squirl with a hard on in a snow storm will be able to take the chose one out if he is not impeached or taken out by the Military. I closing, remember the good guys have been in office for less than 4 months, we have the recalcitrant obstreperous dinghy Harry still in control of the Senate, I’ve said before wait 8 months an arbitrary number to be sure and watch how many are willing to fall on their sword for this fool this go around. They won’t 23 D Senators are in Red States for the most part. They going to stand by the fool on the hill? Hell no it’s always about power and they don’t want to loose theirs. Drop by my new site Breathe deep grasshopper, J.C.

  2. Listen to the speech Obama made concerning Isreal and beware of the consequences our country will face if he continues down the path he has taken and drags us with him. This is not a funny joke and if America turns her back on Isreal we are in for disaster. It is not our mouths we need to be concerned about but our actions. If we continue to do nothing then what happens we can only blame ourselves.

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