Obama’s ineligibility: We know


    To our political elite and the main stream media (MSM): can we stop playing pretend and start being honest?
  • We know that Barack Hussein Obama has never been eligible to be President of the United States and that he has probably committed felonies both before and after occupying the White House.
  • We know that many Republicans, Democrats and members of the MSM have been involved in a cover-up for reasons of complicity, negligence, avarice or cowardice.
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  • Is it time to Retire the GOP?

    Socialism is not the Answer

    by: 1 Dragon

    Apparently the GOP forgot who won the Mid-term Election. They have been going around trying their best to please the Democrats and have forgotten what the Democrats did when they were in control. The back room deals, the closed door sessions with no Republicans allowed, not to mention all the name calling and back stabbing.

    The GOP seem to have forgotten that if it weren’t for true Patriots in the Tea Party who went out and protested against Big Government and higher taxes, they might not have been elected.

    True Patriots still believe in limited government. They still believe in the Constitution and yes there are still some of us who still question the eligibility of Obama and wonder why Congress has failed to investigate him.

    The truth is simple, the facts are there, so much that a blind man can see them. If the GOP does not want to lead or can’t, then they need to get out of the way. Maybe it’s time to retire the GOP and allow the true Patriots of America to fight against the Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/ Democrats.