Terry Lakin is Obama’s Willie Horton

By: Devvy

During his run for the presidency in 1988, against George H.W. Bush, Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, ran into a buzz saw named Willie Horton. The incident was dubbed “The candidate and the killer” because Horton was a convicted murderer. At the time Horton was released on a work furlough, Dukakis supported the program. Horton was furloughed and never came back. He went on to rape (twice) a woman and pistol whip her fiance. After being caught, Horton was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in the State of Maryland; the judge refused to send him back to Massachusetts for fear he would be let loose again. Several well put together TV commercials and the Dukakis’ campaign was done.

A very significant number of Americans are aware of the on-going issue of Obama/Soetoro’s eligibility to hold the office of president of these united States of America under the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement. Despite all the shrieking by his supporters and anti-truth lackeys in the mainstream media and cable networks, we the people who care about the law of the land have remained steadfast in forcing the issue. One individual who also felt it was his duty to ask the question, “Where’s the birth certificate” is Terry Lakin. For those who don’t know who he is:

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‘Whom Will Obama Blame If Al-Quaeda Succeeds In Retaliating?’


Although President Obama was quick to claim personal credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, how will the president react if, God forbid, Al-Quaeda succeeds in executing a major retaliatory terrorist attack against America?

Will the president accept full responsibility for the rage among bin Laden’s followers after the assassination?

Will Obama admit that his decision and the attendant publicity made Osama bin Laden a martyr for scores of millions of malcontent Muslims?

Will Obama eventually pay tribute to the Bush policies, including “harsh interrogation techniques,” which made the bin Laden killing possible?

Or will the president, as he has done with respect to the economy, unemployment, the federal deficit, and other issues with which America struggles, completely disavow personal responsibility by claiming that the bin Laden issue was “inherited” from George W. Bush?

Should Obama attempt the latter, will the American people allow him to do so with political impunity?


Hey, Guess Who’s “Translating” the Bin Laden Document Trove?

By Debbie Schlussel

As you know, Navy SEALs found a “treasure trove” of documents in the Osama Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.  Unfortunately, my sources confirm that the federal government is using the same translators they’ve been using in the past to “translate” and has quickly hired others, almost all of them Muslim.  Arabic propagandist, er . . . “translators”  from several federal agencies are involved.  That means that we can’t be sure the documents are going to be translated accurately.


President to Renew Muslim Outreach


WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama is preparing a fresh outreach to the Muslim world in coming days, senior U.S. officials say, one that will ask those in the Middle East and beyond to reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and embrace a new era of relations with the U.S.

MOHAMMED HUWAIS/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesProtesters in Yemen Tuesday continue demonstrations demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mr. Obama is preparing to deliver that message in a wide-ranging speech, perhaps as early as next week, these officials say. The president intends to argue that bin Laden’s death, paired with popular uprisings sweeping North Africa and the Middle East, signal that the time has come to an end when al Qaeda could claim to speak for Muslim aspirations.

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