GITMO Is Now a Muslim Resort

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Independent Sentinel

Obama paints an unrealistically rosy picture of our enemies and views Republicans andUS  allies as the enemy which is why his decisions are dangerous. GITMO will be closed unlawfully by Obama and it’s one more bad decision according to an Army Major who served at GITMO who says it’s been turned into a country club for the terrorists.

Four Republican senators want to prevent Obama from emptying out GITMO by the end of this year and want to cut off foreign aid to the receiving countries if the prisoners we send them escape. They are proposing legislation to do exactly that.

Major Granger called the senators heroes. The prisoners are the worst of the worst. They have DOD dockets thirty pages long and 30% of these terrorists are returning to the battlefield, some as leaders, he said, and we don’t know what happened to the other 70%.

The US is bribing the countries to take these terrorists and it’s ridiculous to assume they won’t return to terrorism.

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GITMO has been turned into a resort by Obama. They get anything they want, have long beards, eat halal meals, and so on.

The terrorists Obama is releasing are very dangerous.

Major Granger said “to look them in the eye,” some of these guys look like “they could rip your head off.”

There is no evidence GITMO is a lure for terrorism. In fact, 9//11 was.



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