Wanting to Prevent ISIS From Crossing Border Is Denounced as Racist


First they convince you that the worst thing in the world is to be a “racist.” Then they tell you that wanting to defend your own civilization is racist. Then they obliterate your civilization, presumably so as to replace it with their depraved notion of utopia.

The process is happening everywhere you look, but is particularly prominent at the site of Bill Moyers, who is best known for his many years of spewing ultra-left propaganda on our dime at PBS. There you will find a screed by Ian Haney Lopez, a law professor at U.C. Berkeley, who proclaims that even wanting to defend the border from infiltration by Islamic State terrorists is a thought crime because it is racist:

Republicans have been depicting ISIS not primarily as a foreign concern, but as a domestic threat that may portend the invasion, and even the potential collapse, of our country. Especially in the repeated linkage of ISIS to security on the Mexican border, conservative warnings on ISIS seem to constitute a new form of dog whistle politics, the dark art of using coded terms to stir racial anxiety among voters.

His evidence:

Representative Trent Franks, a Republican from Arizona, warned earlier this month: “It is true, that we know that ISIS is present in Ciudad Juarez or they were within the last few weeks.” He continued: “So there’s no question that they have designs on trying to come into Arizona… If unaccompanied minors can cross the border then certainly trained terrorists probably can to. It is something that is real.”

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in a CNN opinion piece published on September 10, explained how the nation must prepare to confront ISIS: “First and foremost, Washington should resolve to make border security a top priority finally, rather than an afterthought . . . in light of concerns about potential ISIS activities on our southern border.” First and foremost, we should combat ISIS by focusing on our southern border? Yes, Cruz explained, for “[a]s long as our border isn’t secure, the government is making it far too easy for terrorists to infiltrate our nation.”

Many other Republicans have pounded out the same dire warnings about ISIS on the Mexican border, including conservative luminaries such as Texas governor Rick Perry, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

In the world inhabited by Berserkeley law professors, Lindsey Graham is a conservative. He must be, if he is racist enough not to want ISIS terrorists crossing the border.

Lopez says it’s really all about not wanting vast hordes of Third Worlders crossing the border and transforming America into a different country. He goes on at tedious length condemning past efforts to preserve our population and asserts that even now there is

a gut feeling shared by some whites — that white enterprise and values made this country; that this is and should remain a white nation. […]

To be clear, those who respond to this sort of dog whistling are not closet Klan members; quite the contrary, they are decent folks who oppose racism, people who would be quick to repudiate any politician who openly asked them to support continued white dominance. Nevertheless, many whites see the world in racially inflected ways, and sympathize with warnings that subliminally trigger fears of an America in racial transition.

With racial transition obviously will come cultural transition. This will not be America but some other country, indistinguishable from the stinking socialist hellholes that share the population we are being displaced by. He is actually saying that it is wrong to want your own society to survive.

How did they ever get so many people to go along with this suicidally insane notion?

It’s easy to shrug off as farcical the warnings of Cruz, [moderate New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott] Brown and other GOP figures about an ISIS invasion from the south — and then to look askance at those voters who credit such evident absurdities. But this misses the point. ISIS on the southern border is a dog whistle. Decoded, it’s a warning not of any actual military threat, but of accelerating demographic change.

Warnings of the damage Islamic State terrorists could exploit the undefended border to inflict are anything but farcical. They have the resources to acquire weapons that could kill millions.

Lopez is right about this much: ISIS is the lesser threat where the border is concerned. We can bounce back from anything Muslim terrorists can do. But just as Asia Minor will never be Greek again, America will never recover from the displacement of the population. How can you recover when you no longer exist?

Any attempt to defend our society will be denounced as racist. No doubt wanting the government to wake the hell up and stop allowing people to enter the country from Liberia until the Ebola epidemic is under control would also be racist. The purpose of the modern concept of racism is to advance Cultural Marxism — i.e., to eradicate our civilization.

2 thoughts on “Wanting to Prevent ISIS From Crossing Border Is Denounced as Racist

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Holder is racist. Obama is racist. Who cares what they think.

    • I never have cared what they thought and never will. Neither of them and 99.9% of Democrats care about America, they just care about control, power and the perks that come with it. as long as they can spend other peoples money.

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