The Tahmooressi Affair

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For many of you who have been following my political blogs, you just may have become aware of my absolute and redundant disparagement for Barack Obama; a repudiation which once led me to writing my article, later turned into a book ‘The Beginning of the End’, wherein I go to great lengths in sharing with the American public my worst fears for what this man [Barack Obama] and his cronies are doing to this great nation of ours, to how this charlatan impostor has transformed America, sinking our country to unfathomable levels never before seen of disarray, chaos and bedlam both here and abroad.

Never before has America been closer to hitting rock-bottom as we are under the presidency of this Obama person; including but not limited to some of the worst presidential specimens in recent history such as was the pitiable Jimmy Carter. Not even this mournful version of a president [Carter], could come close to our present adaption – a decried and deprecated fraud, who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama.

At times, the Obama presidency seems like a Greek tragedy; one riddled with tragic plots based upon unending myths from the oral traditions of archaic epics written by this theater’s greatest authors Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, notwithstanding that epoch’s plausible lack of such a portentous liar as is our esteemed president. I thought I had seen it all in this presidency. I have seen the unending scandals; the unparalleled controversies, from Obamacare to Benghazi; to the IRS; to a tempestuous expansion of the terrorist ISIL army; to our weakened position as leader of the free world; to our acquiescent world of economic prowess and our deferential writs of passage given to countries such as China and resurgent Russian expansionism under the auspices of Vladimir Putin; I have seen it all. Notwithstanding this epitome of decadency in the greater scope of things, I must, however, turn your attention to those seemingly more insignificant if yet, irretrievably more repugnant happenings in Obama’s disgraceful reign of un-American postures and outright reprehensible legacies.

My dissertation today deals with none other than the saga of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, spinelessly arrested in Mexico on March 31st, 2014, charged with the unlawful entry into that country while in possession of unauthorized loaded weaponry – a serious violation of Mexican law, for which he is now on trial, albeit the fact that Sgt. Tahmooressi’s crossing of the Mexican border was as innocuous as taking a taking a wrong turn in a poorly marked border-entry road.

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Famous Lawyer Launches Lawsuit to Deport Barack Obama

Conservative Tribune

Larry Klayman, the former Justice Department lawyer and founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, has filed a lawsuit to get President Barack Obama deported.


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WND reports that Klayman has sent a deportation petition to Sarah Kendall of the Office of Fraud Detection and National Security at the Department of Homeland Security, Thomas Homan of Enforcement Removal Operations at DHS and Thomas Winkowksi of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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GAO: DHS Flew Drones For 1726 Hours Over Interior Of U.S.


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( – The Department of Homeland Security flew drones equipped with video cameras over the United States–away from border and coastal areas–for 1,726 hours from fiscal 2011 through this April, according to the Government Accountability Office.

At times, the drones–or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)–were being used for purposes other than border or immigration enforcement. But the GAO does not have a full accounting of when and where the drones were flown, or what they were used for during the flight hours spent in “other airspace.”

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