Military Report Shows How Obama ARMED the “Islamic State”

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As we watch the Islamic State continue to expand and consolidate their territory, we should take a moment to reflect on how they got to where they are today.  To paraphrase President Obama, “they didn’t build that”, at least not without some help.


In fact, Obama himself is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State, and for the fearsome and technologically advanced weaponry they wield.

To fully understand how Obama armed the Islamic State, we must go back to Libya in 2012, before the Benghazi attack.

According to WND, a new military intelligence report released by the West Point counterterrorism center details how the Islamic State got their hands on such advanced weapons as “recoiless rifles, shoulder fired anti-tank weapons, anti-tank missiles,” and even anti-aircraft missiles, not to mention thousands of rifles and rounds of ammunition.

It all goes back to Libya, when Obama unilaterally waged an unauthorized war against Qaddafi.  Obama gave arms to the Libyan rebels, who were linked to Al-Qaeda, and then supported them with airstrikes on Qaddafi’s regime.  Ultimately, thanks to the weapons and supporting airstrikes, the Libyan militants were able to assassinate Qaddafi and overthrow his regime.  Libya has yet to recover, and is now a lawless terrorist state.

After the overthrow of Qaddafi, the US tried to quietly recover some of the many weapons distributed amongst the Libyan rebels.  This was taking place in Benghazi, under the direction of the CIA.  Many suspect that this is the reason for the terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consulate that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The weapons recovered in Libya were then sent covertly to Turkey, where they were then smuggled into Syria to arm the Syrian rebels fighting against the Assad regime.  Weapons and training were also provided to the Syrian rebels by CIA assets in Jordan.

Other Middle Eastern countries, notably Saudi Arabia, helped facilitate the arming of the rebels in Syria by procuring arms from places like Croatia.  The purchase and transfer of these arms from European countries was often set up and overseen by CIA assets as well.

Unfortunately, the supposedly “moderate” Syrian rebels have been increasingly joining forces with the Al-Qaeda linked Al Nusra Front group, as well as swearing allegiance to the Islamic State terrorists.  The weapons that were so carefully obtained and shipped around the world to arm the Syrian rebels have now fallen into the hands of the premier enemy of our day, ISIS.

Then there are the multitude of American weapons that were provided to the Iraqi Army.  The Iraqi Army abandoned these weapons, including tanks and armored vehicles, as they fled their posts in the face of brutally destructive ISIS advances.  Of course, the Islamic State simply gathered up all of the advanced weaponry left lying around by the Iraqis, and have now proceeded to use them for their own purposes.

It is only fair to note that, the reason the Iraqi Army fled so quickly in the face of the terrorist army, is because they were not yet fully trained or capable of defending the country, largely thanks to Obama’s precipitous pullout of all US troops from Iraq.

It is important to remember these facts, as the Islamic State ruthlessly expands their Caliphate, torturing and slaughtering anyone who refuses to convert to their brand of radical Islam.  Even more so now, as we are told that the Islamic State is shifting it’s attention to the UK and US, these barbaric savages were set on their path to subjugate and strike fear into the world by Obama.

The fact that he refuses to enforce the immigration laws or secure our southern border, leaving it virtually undefended, has only added to the risk that ISIS will launch an attack against Americans on American soil.  When, not if, the Islamic State attacks America or the UK, Obama will bear the brunt of the responsibility.

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