Greta Van Susteren: White House Pressured Me to Get FOX Reporter to Drop Benghazi Investigation

benghazi attack consulate
US Benghazi consulate destroyed under Obama.

Gateway Pundit

Greta Van Susteren admitted Friday “Off the Record” that she was called by the Obama White House and told to push FOX reporter Jennifer Griffin to drop her Benghazi investigation.

“Since day one of Benghazi FOX News has been aggressively investigating. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been more like pulling teeth to get answers from the Obama administration. The Obama administration’s behavior post Benghazi has been weird. Like they’re trying to hide something. First that silly story about that video. Remember Susan Rice on all the Sunday talk shows? Even President Obama kept talking about the video for weeks. So FOX continued to press for information… A few weeks later when FOX news reporter Jennifer Griffin said she was told there was a stand-down order at Benghazi, I got a weird call from the Obama administration trying to pressure me to get Jennifer to back down on her report. I thought the call from the Obama administration was dirty. Incidentally, I don’t control my colleagues and they don’t control me.”

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Obama Covers for Islam to the Point that He Can’t use the word “Islamic” to categorize ISIS

Freedom Outpost
The Muslim-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama is such an Islamic sympathizer (and I have yet to see him renounce Islam), that he cannot even use the term “Islamic” to identify the Muslims moving through Syria and Iraq. Keep in mind these are the same Islamists that his administration helped fund and arm with the help of Republicans and Democrats in Congress with your tax dollars. Many of those who have been killed are Christian brothers and sisters.

In a recent panel discussion, Charles Krauthammer blasted Barack Obama’s lack of ability to speak out against the terrorism in the name of Islam as “Islamic.”

Appearing on Fox News’ ‘Special Report,’ he said, “What’s striking to me is that the UAE is not afraid to say ‘Islamic extremism.’ The president is! He called it ‘extremism’ — in fact, earlier in the show you showed our counterterrorism, our top guy, called Olson. And he said, ‘ISIS now is looking to outpace al-Qaida as the leader of the global extremist movement.'”

“He cannot bring himself to say ‘Islamic!'” Krauthammer added. “For God’s sake, ISIS calls itself the Islamic State. And yet we are so politically correct we don’t want to use the term ‘Islamic,’ lest it be a slur on a great religion.”