New al Qaeda threat

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A jihadist website posted a new threat by al Qaeda this week that promises to  conduct “shocking” attacks on the United States and the West.

The posting appeared on the Ansar al Mujahidin network Sunday and carried the  headline, “Map of al Qaeda and its future strikes.”

The message, in Arabic, asks: “Where will the next strike by al Qaeda be?” A  translation was obtained by Inside the Ring.

“The answer for it, in short: The coming strikes by al Qaeda, with God’s  Might, will be in the heart of the land of nonbelief, America, and in France,  Denmark, other countries in Europe, in the countries that helped and are helping  France, and in other places that shall be named by al Qaeda at other times,” the  threat states.

The attacks will be “strong, serious, alarming, earth-shattering, shocking  and terrifying.”

Under  a section of the post on the method of the attacks, the unidentified   writer said the strikes would be “group and lone-wolf operations, in  addition  to the use of booby-trapped vehicles.”

“All operations will be recorded and published in due time,” the message  said. “Let France be prepared, and let the helpers of France be prepared, for it  is going to be a long war of attrition.”

The reference to France appears linked to the group’s plans for retaliation  against the French-led military strikes in northern Mali in operations to oust  al Qaeda terrorists from the North African country.

The  Ansar al-Mujahidin network is a well-known jihadist forum that in the   past has published reliably accurate propaganda messages from al Qaeda and its  affiliates.

U.S. counterterrorism actions over the past 10 years have prevented al Qaeda  from conducting major attacks. However, U.S. officials warn that the  group  continues to be dangerous, despite the killing of its top leaders  in drone  strikes and special operations.

A U.S. official said the threat is being taken seriously by the U.S.  government.

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6 thoughts on “New al Qaeda threat

  1. Lets give up our guns so these nuts know we cant protect ourselves. Just another of many reasons to keep out of my life

  2. obama will probably give orders to all Law enforcement that they are not allowed to take action! Hell he did this as far as no action against illegal immigration orders! Sure wish we could string him up on the border fence right where Brian Terry was killed by him and holder!
    I would love to see them drawn and quartered bye 4 horses!

    • Actually, he will probably blame it on some movie, like the movie True Lies that came out years ago. It had Muslims in it.

  3. Eli-

    By supplying Israel’s enemies with U.S. fighter jets and tanks, perhaps Obama will become the subject of a Mossad hit. After all, he is a clear and present danger to Israel’s existence. Israel certainly has the experience, technology and resolve for clandestine operations of this nature.

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