Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

Gateway Pundit

The Obama Administration repositioning their Homeland Security ammunition containers ammo box

The containers (like those pictured) are usually painted olive drab and are unmarked except for indistinguishable numbers/letters probably for inventory, routing, etc.

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Mississippi bill would nullify federal laws

Fox News

JACKSON, Miss. –  Mississippi defied the  union during the Civil War and civil rights era, and at least two lawmakers  think it is time to do so again.

Republican state Reps. Gary Chism and Jeff Smith, both of Columbus, filed a  bill this month to form the Joint Legislative Committee on the Neutralization of  Federal Laws.

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Barack Obama To Shut Down Southern Air Defense Systems

Market Daily News

Mac Slavo: As the U.S.  government continues to expand surveillance and monitoring systems to the tune  of hundreds of billions of dollars within the borders of the United States, a  recent announcement regarding the country’s southern air defense systems is  raising eyebrows.


Our southern border is, in part, protected by the Tethered Aerostat Radar  System (TARS), which utilizes moored balloons hovering at about 15,000 feet to  identify low flying aircraft and missiles that may penetrate the border and  cross into U.S. airspace.

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Nazi Eyewitness Warns: The Final Step of Nazi Control – Gun Laws

Gateway Pundit

Kitty Werthmann  is a native Austrian who remembers well the Third Reich reign of terror in Europe.  Kitty believes America is truly the greatest country in the world. She speaks often on socialism and how Adolf Hitler took power. This is from her 2009 essay:

America Truly is the Greatest Country in the World. Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away

The Final Steps – Gun Laws:

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