Good Guys and Defiance

Family Security Matters

We want guns when seconds count and police are minutes away. Gun owners  support police, but know they cannot be everywhere all the time, so we protect  ourselves. Gun buy-back programs don’t make the community safer.  They’re feel-good programs for anti-gun people. Only law-abiding people are  going to turn in guns. No bad guys will, so what’s the result? Not a safer  community, because the number of bad guys with guns stays the same but there’s a  net loss of potential good guys with them.

Bad guys aren’t going to register their guns either, nor will background  checks stop them because they don’t buy their guns legally. Why would government  want a registry of good guys with guns? So it can confiscate them should it  decide to? We need armed good guys because Wayne Lapierre was absolutely right  when he said: “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy  with a gun.”

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