Enslave America…Disarm the people! Punish Law Abiding Citizens


Watching the gun debate proliferate across the nation, functionaries and politicians weep from podiums erected on the graves of children asserting that law abiding citizens be punished along with lawbreakers. Is this not a tawdry abuse of their office?

The Second Amendment does not grant a new right for the citizens, rather it recognizes and provides in writing ‘a new security’, as Justice Wilson stated, to the existing rights God had already conferred on His creation and confirmed in legal commentaries that undergird American law.

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Dangerous Times: Gimme a General Who Won’t Fight!

American Thinker

It  was Lincoln who said “Give me a general who will  fight!” That was after the North was defeated over and over again by Robert  E. Lee’s smaller and more agile armies. Lincoln’s first generals fought  desperately hard, but not hard enough to win. In the upshot, the Civil War  dragged out to became our bloodiest war ever, 600,000 dead — mostly white  folks. And yes, it was triggered by Christian Abolitionists who made slavery  morally intolerable to half the nation.

Lincoln  was therefore forced to find generals who would fight, and he found Sherman and Grant, who wreaked terrible destruction  on the South. He could see no alternative.

Soldiers  who survived the Civil War lived with their painful wounds for the rest of their  lives. They had no modern painkillers, no antibiotics, just liquor, morphine and  silent suffering. Fifty years after the Civil War, Oliver Wendell Holmes still  ached from his near-fatal war injuries.

In  stark contrast to Lincoln, who demanded to know the truth, Obama is now firing  our most successful fighting general — for telling the truth.

That’s  really all we need to know.

Mr.  Obama likes to compare himself to Lincoln, but baby, he ain’t no Lincoln!

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Indiana County Passes Ordinance Declaring All Federal Laws In Violation Of 2nd Amendment Invalid And Unenforceable…

Franklin County, Ind. Commissioners plan to fight gun control. They’ve passed an ordinance against further federal restrictions.

Freedom Protesters Gather in Tahrir Square – Lash Out at Jerk & Idiot Barack Obama

Gateway Pundit

Massive crowds of Egyptians opposing Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood assembled in Tahrir Square today.

One protester in Tahrir Square held a sign lashing out at “jerk” and “idiot” Obama for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Via Twitchy:

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