Obama Announces Public New Measures to Bypass Congress and Use Dictator-like Decrees


The Christian Science Monitor published a Staff Writer Linda Feldmann article titled “Obama looks to bypass Congress with help for homeowners, students” on October 24, 2011.  The article details the beginnings of a new pseudo dictator-like approach to getting action on bills that the United States Congress refuses, for the public good, not to act into law.  In other words, Obama is violating our laws by finding ways to bypass the United States Constitution the supreme law of our land.


Violating our Constitution in not new to this charlatan, who through slick con-man talk, convinces people that he is more knowledgeable about government affairs than he really is.  He also convinced 70 million voters that he was qualified under constitutional law to be eligible to run for the office of the President of the United States.  And to this day, three years later he has kept every official document that could prove his actual status as legitimate or a usurper in secret hiding places refusing to let even judges to view those documents.

Oh yes, on two occasions he has produced two different documents that were theoretically his official birth certificate but both have not withstood the tests of being forgeries or manipulative rearrangement of the facts.  Absent his permission to examine his documents he is getting away with being the biggest counterfeit ever in the history of the United States government.  He laughs at our country over the ease with which he has so willfully cheated us and our government.

On an annual $400,000 salary as our president he has accumulated multi-millions of dollars that he reports on annual income tax statements as coming from royalties on his books which have been estimated by various, not necessarily accurate, sources as being anywhere from $5.5 million to $10.5 million.  Believe what you will,  but I doubt we will ever know officially the actual amount of money that he has accumulated in the short period of time that he has been in politics.

His financial status is unimportant to the damage he has caused the United States by excessive and wildly unnecessary spending of taxpayer dollars in the United States treasury that has ramped up our national debt to an unbelievable amount at, or close to, $15 trillion dollars which is roughly estimated to be $50,000 that each and every actual living person of the 300+ million in the United States is saddled with.  I will repeat that:  Every last one of us 300 plus million legal citizens of these United States has a $50,000 plus obligation to that debt.  Now, did I not just make your day?

It’s entirely probable that a large percentage of you who are reading this article right now don’t even have fifty thousand dollars as your total wealth so what will you do if the parties to whom that fifteen trillion dollars is owed suddenly all come looking to get paid?  Frankly, I don’t know and I doubt that there are many , if any, who do know.

It is really quite a complicated mess almost unfathomable as very likely, there are no major examples in world history happenings to use as a dependable guide. And yet it is unreasonable to assume that there never have been any major defaults.  Surely some of our old world countries as well as some of the burgeoning new ones of past century would have quietly defaulted but just as quietly recovered.

Perhaps some learned reader will enlighten us with his or her educated synopsis of such an event.

This column has evolved from Obama’s personal financial successes to our country’s lack of same while under his presidency, much of which can be traced to irresponsible programs that stretch the credibility of his financial wisdom.  Such an unfortunate scenario is upon us now with his declaration of intent to “go rogue” and bypass his constitutional restraints in “dictator-like” fashion using Executive Orders or other similar administrative short cuts and zig-zags.

This son of a foreign father of African heritage and English citizenship thinks that laws were made for others beside himself.  If we had presidents early in our country’s beginnings like Obama we most likely would never have gotten past the War of 1812 as a nation.  His audacity (not of hope) and obtuseness along with his narcissism has caused this country to reel under the burden of ever-increasing debt and strained relations with our foreign allies, except those of Islamic beliefs.

Now he wants to expand his largesse with our tax dollars to include indebted students and “financially strapped” homeowners (is there any other kind)? In other words, more bail outs!  When will he ever wake up to the fact that HE is creating more and more “financially strapped” American households by stripping our beleaguered treasury resources to finance his spendthrift notions and gifts to corrupt labor unions?

Stop it man; you’re killing us!  I wonder if he has ever heard the song “Killing Me Softly.”  He is killing us brutally with his persistent song of money for everyone except taxpayers.  How about a moratorium on taxpayer dollar spending for the next twelve months?

And this alert to Congress – NO JOBS STIMULUS or half trillion more profligate dollars spending.  Hold the line.


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