The Tangled Clinton Web • Clinton Cash


Investigation into the blurred relationships between the Clinton Foundation and the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton on their behalf.

Bret Baier guides viewers through some of the questionable decisions made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and how closely they are tied to the large contributions of Clinton donors.

Based upon revelations in the book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, this investigative report examines the ‘quid pro quo’s’ or ‘pay to play’ arrangements between the Clinton’s and their largest contributors.

I Will Never Submit!

Socialism is not the Answer

I think this just about says it all.


Free Republic

So if Muslims burn our flag and shout “Death to America” it’s nothing more than a innocuous demonstration of free speech, but if a Texas town holds a Muhammad caricature contest it’s an instant crime against humanity and prosecutable hate speech? The fact liberals are even suggesting Islam should be protected against any and all disparagement – in a country predicated upon Judeo-Christian values no less – but that that the vilest forms of slander against Christians, capitalists, veterans, police, and conservatives is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged, shows the true, fascist face of progressivism. After all, it’s not like Muslims universally deny women basic rights, kill gays for merely existing, were responsible for 9/11, rape children as a reward for reverence, and brutally execute non-believers all across the world in the name of the benevolent and loving “prophet” Muhammad. Right? RIGHT? Who needs a reformation when you’re given 50 billion in cash and a green light to build a nuclear arsenal.

Sorry but this is America, a constitutional republic, and the First Amendment does not come with conditions, an asterisk, or directions to satiate the treasonous tendencies of Barack Hussein Obama and his barbaric hoard of choice. If the flag offends your anti-American loyalties you’re in the wrong damn country – nor do you deserve the liberties this nation affords – and if criticism of the murderous ideology known as Islam offends your fragile state of morality you need to volunteer to become the next victim of ISIS; or at the very least write down the name of every victim of the Armenian genocide. To enable and pardon the hand of death, Sharia Law, is but to succumb to its treachery. As for me and my family, we will never submit! America was founded, if for no other reason, to give people the right to live free from all forms of tyranny; albeit foreign or domestic, political or religious. I’d say Islam has more than earned that ominous designation. God Bless America and to hell with Islam! The two are not, nor never have they ever been, compatible.


Photo via Ammo Heads