The Continuity of Government – The Mystery of Peters Mountain
Hat Tip: Trapper Pettit

A friend sent me an article from Zero Hedge that I find intriguing and it raises far more questions than answers.

I did not know that there was something called a PreparAthon held by FEMA on April 30th. Did you? Supposedly the nationwide drills are for – get this – the catastrophic consequences of global warming. Right. Sure it is. I suspect that propagandic line is for the rubes, when in fact what the feds fear the most is an EMP attack or a massive cyber attack. DHS was just all abuzz over this drill evidently.

But what caught my attention, was the movement and inclusion of activities around a real underground bunker north of Charlottesville, Virginia on Peters Mountain. This not-so-secret bunker may just be the hidey-hole for feds and our nation’s intelligence operations when the Schumer hits the fan. It is the perfect bunker to protect those elitists and power mongers that matter, while everyday America devolves into barbarity and the die-off begins.

Meanwhile, FEMA and DHS held their PreparAthon aimed at severe weather events due to climate change. Talk about a massive waste of money… unless of course those exercises provide cover for drills for threats of a much more serious and dire nature. Preparations for continuity of government and all that entails once the barbarians breach our gates for real.

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Congress Approves Affirmative Action in the Military for Illegal Aliens

Independent Sentinel

Citizens Get Pushed Out of the Military As Obama’s Congress Puts Illegals In

obama's dream army

Obama’s Dream Army is not going to be what we thought it would be. It won’t be an army in name only and it will take over by stealth.

As we downsize the military and push Christians out, Obama is putting DACA into the military. It’s nothing less than affirmative action for illegal aliens who now get preference over citizens.

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Isis Strikes in Texas?

Family Security Matters

Two heavily-armed gunmen suspected to have been carrying explosives have been shot dead after opening fire outside an anti-Muslim art exhibition in Dallas.

The pair were gunned down by police after shooting a security guard in the ankle outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, during the controversial event where caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed.

One suspect reached for his backpack after he was shot the first time, before he was hit with a second fatal bullet, according to the local mayor.

The building and surrounding area was placed on lockdown by SWAT teams with around 100 attendees still inside after multiple gunshots were heard.

FBI bomb squad robots were then sent in to check the suspects’ vehicle, as the two bodies of the gunmen, who have not yet been identified, lay on the road beside it.

The bodies were not immediately taken from the scene because they were too close to the car, which police feared had incendiary devices inside. Residents later heard an ‘explosion’, suggesting a bomb was detonated by law enforcement on site, with some reports saying this was done using an Electronic Magnetic Pulse (EMP).