2 thoughts on “BREAKING – Obama: Jesus OUT! Terrorists IN!

  1. Oh make no mistake patriots- most of Congress knows or is complicit. We NEED to get serious and fast. A Patriot Party- representatives made up of American Citizens from ALL walks of life-Carpenters, Mechanics, Ditch Diggers, Maids, Plumbers- anyone and everyone who is tired of just the Elite few who are arranged to be voted in. THEN, and only then, will this country change- short of a Revolt or our soon to be looming Civil War- which can begin at any time now. We, as American Citizens, who still stand with our founding Fathers and the principles of our Republic, need to unite under one cause- not a man or men, not a regime, a cause- an idea- a set of principals laid down over 200 years ago that is being trampled on and torn away. If anyone that reads my remarks with any frequency doubts my intentions or patriotism, I pity you. Im not sating everyone think like me, im saying think for yourself. Look and feel what is happeng to our country. I could probably write for hours about what our country should be, unfortunately it is being divided so harshley by a puppet and his masters that very few people can really see what is right in front of them. We need to open eyes- NOW.

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