Muslim Brotherhood President

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What if the President of the United States was aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood?

What if the President of the United States as far back as 2009, during the so-called “Cairo Speech” (where Obama tells us he was “reaching out to the Muslim world”) was setting the wheels in motion for the Arab Spring and the subsequent removal of long-time U.S. and Israel ally Hosni Mubarak from power? What if Obama was backing an organization and movement that calls for a global caliphate whereby the United States would exist under the thumb of an Islamic totalitarian government?

This is exactly what The Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick argued in her piece “Obama’s Mysterious Visit” after Barack Obama made his first visit to Israel as President of the United States on March 19. Speaking of Obama’s 2009 “Cairo Speech,” her chillingly sentient piece says in part:

In contempt of Mubarak’s explicit wishes, Obama insisted on inviting members of the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech. In acting as he did, Obama signaled that under his leadership, the US was abandoning its support for Mubarak and transferring its sympathies to the Muslim Brotherhood.

…By addressing his remarks to the Muslim nation, Obama was perceived as openly rejecting Egyptian nationalism, and indeed the concept of unique national identities among the various Arab states. In so doing, Obama undercut the legitimacy of the Egyptian regime while legitimizing the pan-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood which rejects nationalism in favor of a call for the establishment of a global caliphate.

As subsequent events showed, the conditions for the Egyptian revolution that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power were prepared during Obama’s speech at al-Azhar.

Is Barack Obama really aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood? Is Barack Obama in bed with an organization that has vowed our annihilation, to “destroy…Western civilization from within…”?

Shockingly, the answer is yes.

We all remember Doctor Benjamin Carson speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, speaking truth to power about the destructive aspects of ObamaCare, an overreaching and intrusive government, and a government that constantly tramples on the Constitution.

One could almost feel the loathng that Obama experienced as he sat next to Doctor Carson, seeing the look of rage on his face.

Another invitee and speaker, Sayyid Syeed, founder of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a Muslim Brotherhood front group, was also not pleased.

This is the same Syeed who has vowed that ISNA’s primary job is to alter the Constitution.

Yes, the same ISNA that has been aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood since 1988, as a recently declassified FBI memo states.

Yes, the same ISNA that was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008/2009 Holy Land Foundation terrorist-funding trial.

Yes, the same ISNA where Valerie Jarrett was a keynote speaker at their annual convention in 2009.

Yes, the same ISNA where George Selim, the White House Director for Community Partnerships, has been an annual speaker at their conventions for years.

And as recently as March 8, Obama himself met with ISNA President Mohamed Magid along with other so-called “religious leaders” to discuss immigration reform.

And the Council on American-Islamic Relations—CAIR, a sister group to ISNA—also named in the Holy Land Foundation trial as an unindicted co-conspirator, has had literally hundreds of meetings with the Obama administration.

And these are just the meetings we know about.

Is Barack Obama aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood (or worse, is he a Muslim Brotherhood plant?)

Shockingly and unbelievably, the answer must be a resounding Yes.

3 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood President

  1. Our fake President’s name says it all!

  2. There is even a worse issue at hand- sleeper cells.Wherever a Mosque is in this country you can be guaranteed a cell is near. When barry yells they will join his army- starting in the big cities then moving outwards. Why do you think they are after such radical gun control measures? To disarm us and make it easy to take over.

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