Sports Illustrated Names Obama One Of The Most Powerful People In Sports


(Sports Illustrated)

The power that runs sports isn’t physical, despite all those power hitters  and power forwards, power plays and power alleys. It isn’t electrical, either,  though when the lights go out at the Super Bowl, the most powerful man in sports  is the guy with the “Electricians do it without shorts” bumper sticker. In the  land of the half-lit, the light bulb salesman is king, a reminder that all power  is contextual and ever-shifting.

Consider poor King Richard III, killed in battle in 1485 and recently  discovered in eternal repose, buried beneath a parking lot in England, the back  of his skull sheared off by an edged weapon. Physical power was prized in  medieval times — as it remains today at Medieval Times — when jousting and  swordplay could win men thrones.

43. Ed O’Bannon  Retired basketball player 44. Barack Obama   U.S. President 45. Dana White  UFC president



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