The Obama Chronicles: Deceptions, Murders & Continuing ObamaGov Terrorism

Gulag Bound

While Obama and his syndicate continue to gut the USA economically, openly steal from and continue to subjugate we US citizens, send millions and even billions of taxpayer dollars to the real terrorists (the Muslim Brotherhood and its myriad evil spawns) and remove US citizens’ freedoms while giving more freedoms to jihadists and illegal aliens, Obama continues to work diligently to terrorize America and its people with one manufactured crisis after another.


Remember, chaos is still the tyrant’s best friend and keeps people watching the illusory ‘bright shiny thing’ while the real-and-far-worse thing is being implemented by Obama and his criminal buddies.  Realistically, in order to buy into all of the continuing-to-be-manufactured false and/or manipulated crises one’s disbelief must be suspended far beyond this realm of existence.   In other words, you have to be a complete lunatic to actually buy into the refuse Obama is spreading in front of you.

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Senior Obama Official: Holder’s Letter To Rand Paul Implies No Change To Our Domestic Drone Policy…



Weasel Zippers

So yes, Obama can still vaporize American citizens on American soil.

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Not If, But When

Family Security Matters

Remember the “Current Threat Level?” You know, the red, orange, yellow, blue  and green color bar that the Department of Homeland Security uses to keep the  public up to date on the U.S. terror threat? Bet you have no idea what color it  is today.

The government website Terror-Alert explains the system,

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