The dossier on Trump and the supposed collusion with Russia

Free Republic

a friend wrote: “re the dossier on Trump and the supposed collusion with Russia , it was all made up as part of a much bigger plan to ensure a one-party one-branch government in perpetuity as part of the fundamental transformation of America. Where did we get Barack Obama to begin with? He came out of nowhere, seemingly. But everyone comes from somewhere. We just didn’t know where.

I deeply suspect that the rotten core of the Obama cabal, in which I’d include Jarrett and others, like Soros, simply determined that they were going to stay in control for the foreseeable future by any means necessary. Rather like Bolsheviks. They lie, cheat, steal, spy, and conceal, because that is what the left does. It needs no other reason. We are seeing it now with the Stalin-Beria style Mueller investigation in which the criminal is identified first and then the crime is found.

What the far left found, with Obama’s dictatorial tendencies, especially after losing the House, that the way to stay in control was to fundamentally change how government worked.

They would rely on extensive use of executive power, exploit their control of the bureaucracy to rule by fiat, control the military and the intelligence apparatus and use it to benefit the Party, and appoint progressive post-Constitutionalist judges en masse.

What Obama and his minions and masters realized very quickly was that they were going to have to get around Congress and the Judiciary, AND that the only way to guarantee continuity of power was to ensure that Republicans never again won the Presidency.

Obama needed to pretend restraint until he won his second term. Obamacare lost him the House, but he had it enshrined in law. It would be his only real legislative victory. Benghazi and the collapse of his middle east policy a little too early, plus the rise of ISIS, almost got him, but with the help of an adoring uncritical press corps, the video excuse, and a lot of lying he squeaked by. Romney needed to fight, and he wouldn’t. After Obama was re-erected, as he told Medvedev, he could be more flexible.

The Lois Lerner incident was only the first clumsy step in using the bureaucracy against political enemies. The Comey appointment was necessary at FBI, and the DOJ had to be thoroughly politicized. Holder was the perfect man for the job. It became the Department of Social Justice.

Obama continued appointing progressives to the Courts, including his own lawyer Ms. Kagan and the wise Latina. When Anthony Kennedy was having a good day it was 5-4 conservatives but at times he lapsed into judicial activism.

Obama began his open borders campaign and instituted DACA and other programs to speed along the transformation of the voting population. He doubled down on division with Trayvon Martin and Big Mike, and by Holder allowing the “hands up don’t shoot” lie to fester for weeks, got the BLM movement off to a very good start. Lefties were working like dogs behind the scenes, organizing for America. They had black shirts ready to hit the streets whenever needed.

Since they could not legislate, they had to govern by bureaucratic fiat and executive power. Obama’s transformation could not be built on a foundation of law; the way to ensure its permanence was never to lose the Presidency again. Ever. Executive orders would have the force of law if there was no one to undo them, as would government policy.

The only thing the Democrats needed to do was “finish the job” as Obama put it.

That meant winning the 2016 election by hook or crook. They had Hillary all set up for the win. She was inevitable. If Obama didn’t get to appoint a progressive to the Supreme Court, she would.

The Democrats were expecting another gracious loser, like Jeb. But the rise of Trump alarmed them.

They had Foval and Creamer faking all the violence at Trump rallies and planning to do whatever they needed to do to win. “Screw the lawyers and ethics people — we’re out to win the motherf*r” says Creamer. Before Project Veritas nailed them. And why was chief thug Creamer meeting an hour a week with Obama in the oval office for the whole campaign?

They decided to spy on Trump to get information they could use against him in the election or later, on the off chance he won.

They used the dossier to pervert the FISA process based on a very minor incident. They feared Trump a LOT.

They spied because Bolshevism is part of the transformation.

I say this because Obama fundamentally transformed the Democratic Party from liberal to progressive with a penchant for cheating and violence.

With a communist family and an anti-colonialist philosophy he got from his alleged father, plus some formative mentoring by the communist writer Frank Davis and Jeremiah Wright in America-hating and black liberation theology, respectively, he was always a dedicated leftist. Training as an Alinsky disciple and having his political coming-out in the living room of the Weather Underground were par for his course.

He and Holder did what they could to divide us by every demographic metric.

All they needed was for her to win and the Republic was lost. One more Supreme Court justice. Congress was cut out by an all-powerful executive and a rubber-stamp SCOTUS.

The enormity of what they did would be sat on by Lynch and Comey.

And then she lost. The enormity of the loss is seen in the left’s violent response.”

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