Thoughts on the Passing Parade: This is what much of the world thinks of Democrats in Congress

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell’

May 4th, 2018

Why Democrats must never be elected.

They don’t see themselves in this light.

If they could and had a clue what they are doing which would be a huge reach, they would still be for the most part assholes.

Makes absolutely perfect sense to me!

May as well sell guns to middle school students so the can protect themselves in school.

According to their savior:

This guy is an absolute closet case.

That a big Roger/ 1o-4 over and out.

Run the trains backwards

So, Republicans don’t have problems with facts, just revisionist historians.

Indeed…Shout this one from the rafters !!


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Cook County sheriff accidentally releases man who promised terror attack


American Thinker

By Thomas Lifson

Another day in the life of the poster city for one-party Democrat rule, where pensions eat up taxes and incompetence is rewarded.  And Chicago’s reputation as the crime capital of America and home to the catch and release policy of dealing with criminals remains secure.

A man who threatened another Pulse nightclub massacre was released in a monumental cock-up by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department.  CWB Chicago reports:

Two major developments unfolded Wednesday evening in the case of Shane Sleeper, a 31-year-old man who was accused in February of threatening to bring a Pulse Nightclub-like mass murder to Chicago’s Boystown.

First, CWBChicago reported that a grand jury on Tuesday had returned true bills charging Sleeper with 26 counts including terrorism and hate crimes.  A judge ordered him held without bail

Less than an hour later, Chicago police confirmed that Sleeper had been erroneously released by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday and that authorities were actively searching for him.

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Adding Another 25 Cents to the Price of Gas at the Pump

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Sigh….would that revenue be applied to pay off U.S. debt? Nah…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who called raising gas taxes a ‘horrible idea,’ says Trump is considering a hike

  • Raising the federal gas tax is one of several options President Donald Trump is considering to pay for infrastructure spending, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said.
  • The president proposed an increase of 25 cents per gallon last week, according to several sources.
  • Ross, who once called raising the federal fuel levy a “horrible idea,” on Thursday said it’s logical to charge drivers for road improvements.

Enter the U.S Chamber of Commerce:

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