Harry Reid’s Old College Just Kicked His Name Off the Buildings

To begin with, he has been widely mocked for his assertion that America’s southern border is secure, despite the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that have poured into the country since last fall.

To make matters worse, his name has become a rallying cry all across the country–for people who want to fire him as majority leader by electing Republicans to the Senate. And if that weren’t enough, it looks like those Republicans are going to succeed. Now, to add insult to injury, Harry Reid’s own alma mater, Southern Utah University, is distancing itself from the Democrat senator in accordance with the wishes of his constituents.

According to TheBlaze, the school, located in a decidedly conservative region of the state, has received “a deluge of requests” to have the senator’s name removed from a campus building that bears it.

In addition to the requests, Cedar City, Utah, Councilman Paul Cozzens says he’s received $40,000 in pledges in less than a week to pay for the removal.

As a result, what has been known as the Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center–because when you think outdoor engagement, you think Harry Reid–will henceforth be known simply at the Outdoor Engagement Center.


Southern Utah University President Scott Wyatt says that, although he is removing Reid’s name, he plans to put it on another building sometime in the future. But that future building, or even plans to build it, do not yet exist.

According to the report, the university president said that “having Reid’s name on the building didn’t actually raise money as anticipated, and a proposed building bearing his name isn’t prompting donors to step up either.”


We’re not sure what an “Outdoor Engagement Center” is, or why Southern Utah University needs one, as it would seem that the best place from which to engage with the outdoors would be, well, outdoors.

However, we stand behind anything that indicates that the citizens of Utah are finally beginning to understand what a disgrace Harry Reid is to the United States Senate.

2 thoughts on “Harry Reid’s Old College Just Kicked His Name Off the Buildings

  1. Finally, even a university is being counted. Well, they will now be on Harry’s hit list. Can’t wait to hear that, or him blaming Republicans for his reputation.

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