GOP REP: ‘Supreme Court Just Woke Up A Sleeping Giant’

Fox Nation

Supreme Court just woke up a sleeping giant… election just rolled back to 2010 because it was driven by ObamaCare

GOP Rep. Schweikert on recent Supreme Court ruling upholding ObamaCare:


6 thoughts on “GOP REP: ‘Supreme Court Just Woke Up A Sleeping Giant’

  1. No matter what happens with this soetero’s healthcare, I am personally going to do everything in my power to shut this guys chances of re-election down to zero.This is just Round 1. We The People have 14 more to go and I don’t plan on losing. Don;t lose the Faith guy. I damn well know I am stronger than some Arrogant, Insecure, Lying Gay-boy

    • I ain’t heard no fat lady sing and I’ve got tens of friends that will back me up on that. They’ve showed their hand and I don’t trust any of them.

  2. Dont get me wrong- I’ll fight to my dieing breath and then some.
    It’s just that when people can’t- or won’t- see the truth staring them in the face, and they blindly back an illegal president who can’t even prove he’s a citizen much less a natural born one, applaud while he takes away our freedoms, and stand behind him as he disassembles this nation piece by piece, it’s hard to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a Patriot- not a democrap, a repuglican, a conservative, or even an independent. A Patriot. I believe in our Constitution and Bill of Rights- that just like the Holy Bible- they never lose their meaning because they encompass a system that trancends time. I see problems trying to be rectified by utilizing a system that is broken(Politicians, lobbyists, Personal agendas focused on power/money, etc. ), like the blind leading the blind to safety. If we can’t get our government back in the hands of those who care about the nation and its citizens, then the only recourse is to fight- the old fashion way. I don’t want that, I hope nobody does, but I’m not afraid of it. I’m not scared of any man. The blood of my ancestors lies in the ground of this country, it is my home, and I defend my home from ALL enemies foriegn AND DOMESTIC.

  3. I honestly believe that if an armed militia were to remove Obama and his thugs from office tomorrow, America would not only fervently support them, they would deify them, erecting a bronze in commemoration of their heroic deeds–an act which saved the Republic from tyranny.

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