DOJ Secretly Drops Terrorism Charges In Taliban Case

Judicial Watch

The Department of Justice (DOJ) refuses to explain why it has abruptly dropped terrorism charges against a member of a Middle Eastern family indicted in south Florida last year with providing material support for the Pakistani Taliban.

In all, six people were charged with sending tens of thousands of dollars to the terrorist organization, which is associated with Al-Qaeda and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against American interests, including a 2009 suicide bombing at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan. The ringleader in this case is a Pakistani imam (Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan) who ran a mosque in Miami. The others include his sons, daughter and grandson

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Dead Dog Receives Voter Registration Forms

By Meagan Clark,

Tim Morris opened his mail last week to find voter registration forms  addressed to Mo, his dog that has been dead two years, WSLS Channel 10 reported  from Bedford County, Virginia.

The dog, whose full name was Mozart, would have been 19 years old.

“I opened it up and looked at it and I just laughed,” Morris told WSLS. “I  thought it was a joke at first and it turns out it’s real.”

The forms were sent by a non-profit called Voter Participation Center. The  organization purchases mailing lists from vendors and told WSLS they try to  check every name.

“I still have no earthly idea how they got his information,” Morris said.

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