History Lessons for Hillary and the Anti-Trump Media


by Michael Reagan


It’s the election that never ends.

Here it is, seven months later, and Hillary still is coming up with excuses.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only crime Donald Trump is guilty of is beating Queen Hillary.

That’s it, and the Democrat establishment and the liberal media will never forgive him for ruining their dreams.

Watching Queen Hillary become so pathetic in the last several months makes me glad I voted for President Trump.

She proved how pathetic she really is this week in an interview where she blamed her 2016 loss on everyone from Russian agents and Montenegrin hackers to the janitor at the DNC.

But the main reason Trump won was because he connected with people in “flyover country” and she connected with the bicoastal people who are just as pathetic as she is.

To think that this woman came as close as she did to becoming the leader of the free world is scary.

Meanwhile, all the liberal media can talk about seven months after the election is the Russian connection and how Trump and Putin were somehow able to cheat Queen Hillary out of her rightful place in history last fall.

The media are still trying to find collusion under every bed, still trying to find why their beloved heroine lost and still refusing to accept that it was her fault.

The liberal media are as pathetic as Hillary.

On Thursday night, when I was on CNN with Don Lemon, the main subject was, of course, the Trump administration and its alleged collusion with Russia during the election.

After I pleaded with Lemon to name what crime Trump committed, and stressed that “collusion” by itself is not a crime, I tried to explain the long history of the Russians being asked by our own politicians to play games in our electoral system.

I told Lemon about Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter going to the Russians —- the KGB at the time —- and asking for their help in their 1979 and 1980 political campaigns.

That’s ancient history, Lemon basically said, proving that though he’s a nice guy he’s like so much of the anti-Trump media; they seem to think presidential political history started when they woke up this morning.

Now they seem to think Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner invented the idea of secret “back-channel” communications with a foreign government last fall.

Administrations have always had back channels. President Obama had a back channel to Iran. How do we think Nixon and Kissinger worked up their plan to go to China?

Evidence or no evidence, the rabid liberal media are not going to let go of their Russia bone and their ratings are so good since “The Donald Show” debuted they’re never going end their endless anti-Trump campaign.

There is an easy and simple way Trump can defeat the liberal media, however.

e needs to quit reacting to the liberal news media’s biased stories and half-baked insinuations about how his administration and Russia colluded to defeat Queen Hillary.

The president is his administration’s own worst enemy. As we said a few weeks ago, his staff should break his thumbs and put duct tape on his mouth.

If that’s too much to ask for, for the next six months President Trump should go cold turkey.

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