Thomas Sowell Names Worst American President


It’s official; Barack Obama displaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the history of the USA. The determination was made by the esteemed historian Thomas Sowell.

Major reasons include Obama’s role in undermining the healthcare industry, his irresponsible immigration stance, his corrosive race-baiting that set the stage for the tsunami of Black Lives Matter riots, his push toward a fascist-style economic system, his facilitation of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and his pernicious (not to mention astonishingly hypocritical) Marxist rhetoric:

Obama is also displacing Jimmy Carter as the worst ex-president.

Stick a Fork in Obama

American Thinker

We  are only three and a quarter years away from transforming the United States of  America.  We may never get back to where we once were, but we can sure roll  back much of the mess Barack Obama has created through his misguided policies  and serial incompetence. 

With  ObamaCare’s ascendancy and impending crash, America will be on the cusp of  transformational action.  The misery the ACA will bring to almost every  American cannot be overestimated in its ability to incite anger — and, anger  has consequences and repercussions.  The failure of the ACA has the  potential to make 2014 a wave election for Republicans.  In 2016, we may  see a true conservative as president.

America  put men on the moon.  Now, with 3 ½ years and a half a billion dollars, we  can’t even build a website.  This is how much Barry and his ilk have  degraded the brand.  We used to be the shining light on the hill.   Now, we are darkness at the end of the tunnel.  Barack Obama has been the  worst thing that has ever happened to the Oval Office, and in the end, ObamaCare  will seal his fate as a failed president.

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