Wisconsin man opposes Obama — from the grave

The Daily Caller

It doesn’t quite rise to the level of the greatest  obituary of all time, but a line at the end of James Francis “Fitz” Fitzgerald Sr.’s death notice in Tuesday’s Madison State  Journal is certainly out of the ordinary.

Fitz, an outspoken part-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden  State Warriors, asked for memorials in his name, in the form of support for “whoever is running against Barack Obama.”

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Obama holds hypocritical WH forum on bullying

Pajamas Media

First, the story, at HuffPo.

The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention is bringing together educators, experts, politicians and more to shed light on how the issue affects American communities and present strategies for reducing instances of bullying.

Bullying has gained increasing media attention in recent years with a spurt of highly publicized suicides of young people who took their own lives to escape the torment of their peers. The growth of technology has also played a role in the spreading of bullying.

Who is Barack Obama to come out against bullying? His entire career is based on bullying.

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Obama: The Rights of the Many denied by the Tyranny of the few


While We-the-People of this formerly-and-to-be-again great nation every once in awhile need to take a break and a few hours rest from our mission of saving our country and defeating the enemies already firmly planted within our gates, Obama & Co continue legislation and executive fiats designed to destroy it.  Disastrously, evil never sleeps.

Since the 2010 elections, Obama & Co have actually picked up the pace of their assault on the United States of America.  Instead of listening to we the voters, Obama has chosen sides against us and is now almost shouting ‘Your elections do not count and never will mean anything at all unless you vote for me and my wants and desires!  You won’t nullify me—I’ll nullify you‘!  And…so he is doing it.  In mid-February, Obama first came out against recently elected Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and We-the-People who elected him in favor of the unions who helped place Obama into the power over us all he enjoys today.  Then, as his poll numbers sank in all 50 States, Obama backed off and was quiet for a few days.  However, not able to keep his mouth shut, a few days ago Obama put on his Alinsky/Lenin community-organizer hat and jumped back into the mud with which he‘s familiar.

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Help Locate Wisconsin’s Missing Democrat Lawmakers!

Red State

Wisconsin’s Democrat lawmakers fled their state like fugitives last Thursday. Since fleeing, they’ve been living their lives on the lam, have reportedly been seen lurking in parking lots at non-union hotels, and heard to have been ordering room service from their hotel rooms…in Illinois.

Your assistance is being requested in order to help find these fugitives for their lawmaking duties.

With the help of expert artist Toby Dials (who has been working with eyewitnesses), we now have a fairly accurate depiction of the missing Democrats and we are asking for the public’s help in locating these fugitives…


Please help Wisconsin taxpayers find their missing Democrat legislators. If you spot one of the missing asses, you should approach with extreme caution as they are prone to piddling and running blindly away from their constituents. You should not attempt to apprehend them on your own as they are an endangered species and you could be subject to accusations of cruelty to asses animals.

Therefore, upon confirmation of their identity, you are encouraged to contact:

Wisconsin State Patrol Division Headquarters

Superintendent Stephen Fitzgerald

Colonel Benjamin Mendez
Hill Farms State Transportation Building
4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Room 551
P.O. Box 7912
Madison, WI 53707-7912
Phone: (608) 266-3212
Fax: (608) 267-4495

Much appreciation to Toby Dials for his hard work.


Judge Vinson’s bittersweet ObamaCare ruling


By Monte Kuligowski

Ruling that the ObamaCare insurance mandate is unconstitutional is like saying that water is wet. Of course it’s an unconstitutional abuse of federal power. If the feds can force people to buy health insurance, there is virtually no limit to the reach of federal meddling into the affairs of life.

In a sense, it’s fortunate that the unmitigated arrogance of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi — as witnessed in the health care “reform” debacle — is pushing even postmodern constitutional jurisprudence to its very limits.

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