Creative minds are rarely tidy

There’s an old saying that seems to apply: “Creative minds are rarely tidy.”
I’ve used that often to explain my desk/workspace. Put another way, an organized
desk is the sign of a sick (or vacant) mind.

William F. Buckley

Albert Einstein was said to be the smartest man ever, they also said he fail math in school.

Albert Einstein

Then there is Barry O. There is still a mystery as to who he really is. Liberals say he is the smartest man ever but Libs say a lot of things.

Community Organizer in Chief

Maybe this photo now explains why he plays golf all the time, it sure does explain why you never see him hard at work. Harvard must be proud.

My thanks go out to Beagle Scout for contributing to this story and for the photos.

This one just added, Jim Campbell. Jim is a great author and a personal friend who helped me get this site started. From the looks of his desk, he could do a better job then Obama in his sleep.

Jim's Desk