Sharia USA: Delaware Radio Host Fired for Islamic Comments

Pamela Geller

The norming of sharia. What this radio host said is not unreasonable, and even less grounds for firing, but that is where we are in the US. Perhaps he could have packaged it better, but is that where we are? Yes. Every thought has to be pre-screened and edited for consumption? It’s like we are living in an Islamic country. Shredding the first amendment.

Muslim armies across the world are waging holy war in the cause of Islam. The human toll is unfathomable, the body count daily. American Muslims are flocking to join the jihad and we are not allowed to talk about the threat here at home.

If I lived in Delaware, I would be protesting this radio station. Adding insult to injury or should I say terror to sharia, USA Today asks a terror-linked group, CAIR, for comment. That’s rich, but it illustrates just how twisted this whole conflict has become. My colleagues and I are never asked for comment, but a designated terrorist group is the go-to guy. CAIR insists that it condemns the killing of innocents, but never fully explains that under Islam, non- Muslims are not innocent. Further, while Muslims in the US condemn the Islamic State, where are they teaching against the ideology that gave rise to it?

Nothing is being done to stop jihad recruiting in US mosques, even as several hundred young Muslims from the US have gone to wage jihad for the Islamic State. Why doesn’t USA Today ask CAIR about that?

jake smith

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