Shariah Law Imposed in UK Government Buildings, No Kidding!


Independent Sentinel

The British MPs have to move out of the Palace of Westminster while it undergoes repairs over the next decade but the building they will move into at the Department of Health is governed by Shariah law. Bars are banned and they won’t be allowed to drink.

The building was transferred to finance an Islamic bond scheme in 2014.  George Osborne announced it would turn the UK into a “western hub of Islamic finance” and the “undisputed center of the global financial system.”

Three Government buildings in Whitehall were transferred to Islamic bonds, switching the ownership from British taxpayers to wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen and banks.

Under Islamic law, interest payments are prohibited so bond-buyers earn rental income from the three government offices. The Treasury agreed to make the offices fully compliant with Sharia law so investors wouldn’t be put off.

The bonds – known as Sukuk – are only available for purchase by Islamic investors. The money raised will be repayable from 2019.

One has to wonder if they were drunk when they made this deal.

This information comes via The Times. A Whitehall official told The Times that “It’s true. If MPs want to use Richmond House they’d better give up any hopes it will include a bar.”

It’s not about the bars, it’s about the principle. One has to wonder if the British people know this is going on.

Putting government buildings under Sharia law is a decidedly bad idea. There doesn’t seem to be any will to fight this in the west.

No wonder we won our independence from these people.

Sources: Daily MailExpress UK and The Times