Obama would have called the 9-11 attacks “workplace violence”


Flopping Aces

What does it take before we’re allowed to call domestic Islamic terrorism what it is?

When James Foley was beheaded by a Muslim somewhere in the “Levant” the Obama administration called it a “terrorist attack against our country.” They called it a “barbaric act.”

When a woman is beheaded by a Muslim in Oklahoma the Obama administration calls it “workplace violence.” It seems that the alleged killer, a convert to Islam, was merely carrying out the dictates of the Quran.

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Nothing Like Armed Terrorists In A State That Loves Gun Control

Freedom Outpost

It is reported that two of the suspects in the Boston marathon bombing were  in possession of 2 handguns and an “M4 carbine” and yet they were both residents  of Massachusetts, a state with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the  country.  On top of that we can look to the laws that Massachusetts legislators  have imposed upon its citizens and see how difficult it is for law abiding  citizens in Massachusetts to legally obtain firearms.  Now if you are a liberal  or some other form  of Socialist, Communist or Utopian you would think this  makes the state safer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, it  became quite apparent this week that you don’t have to have a gun in  Massachusetts to be deadly and even those who are suspected of using bombs had  firearms and neither of the Tsarvaev brothers had a state issued license to  purchase a firearm, yet they had them because, well that’s what criminals do;  they break the law.

However, Mike Sweeney at the Daily Caller exposes four facts about gun laws  in Massachusetts and how they applied to the bombing suspects, Dzhokhar and  Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  He writes:

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