Man Who Stole Obama’s Beloved Teleprompter Sentenced To 7-Year Prison Term…

Weasel Zippers

He’s lucky Obama didn’t press for the death penalty for stealing TOTUS.

Via WaPo:

It was no Republican plot, but someone made off with the teleprompter that has been the subject of conservative jokes about President Obama. Also stolen were the presidential seals. And Obama’s lectern.

In fact, Eric Brown stole enough equipment from the office of the president that he could have staged his own presidential news conference — if he hadn’t pawned some of the gear at shops in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.

In federal court in Virginia on Thursday, the Richmond man, 49, was sentenced to seven years in prison for brazenly taking a truck containing $200,000 worth of audio equipment used by the president.

The October 2011 theft in Henrico County occurred days before Obama was scheduled to make a speech at a North Chesterfield, Va., fire station. Other items taken included a laptop, flag, amplifiers and microphones.

Won’t They Ever Let Obama Speak Without TOTUS?

The Obama File

Atlas Shrugs has a photo of Obama dropping in for a chat with his middle-class task force — and, lo and behold! — the ever-present teleprompter (TOTUS).

These people work for him.  They probably have palpitations just being in the same room as the Obamamessiah — and he needs to read his comments from the teleprompter (TOTUS).

Just last week, Obama needed TOTUS to address a group of 6th graders.

So, who’s really running the country?  It can’t possibly be this bozo.