Kamala Harris: It’s Our Job to Honor Thug Who Robbed Pregnant Woman at Gunpoint

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Daniel Greenfield

Goodbye MLK, hello George Floyd.

At the White House, Biden and Kamala Harris got into a tough competition to out-pander and out-mob each other over the wrongful jury verdict in the overdose death of George Floyd, a career criminal who had robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint.

Senator Kamala Harris set the tone by declaring that,  “We are all a part of George Floyd’s legacy, and our job now is to honor it and to honor him.”

Really. It’s now the job of all Americans to be part of the legacy of a vicious thug and to honor his legacy.

How can we best honor George Floyd’s legacy? 

Maybe we should have a George Floyd Day and use it as a national purge in which the police leave the streets and everyone gets the right to rob a pregnant woman at gunpoint.

That’s what George would have wanted.