CONFESSIONS OF A CONGRESSIONAL STAFFER: “The Three-Part Plan To Destroy Donald Trump & His Supporters”

DC Whispers

“**The move against Trump’s private business and his family is meant to push the President into direct conflict with Mr. Mueller which will result in Mueller’s attempted firing. That firing will be used as the primary get-out-the-vote push leading up to the 2018 Midterms in November.

**Democrats take back the House and possibly even the Senate. Democrats and a handful of high-placed Republicans will then move forward with impeachment proceedings. They want to make it a bi-partisan effort to further damage the President.

**The Trump brand will be destroyed. The value of his properties will plummet. His family will be fractured. His supporters will be vilified, ridiculed, and many will turn their backs on him and claim to have never supported him. Those who don’t will risk having their own private lives turned upside down as well.

Never again will an outsider be allowed to win the White House. The move toward full-on globalism where America is no longer its own nation will commence.

This is the plan. It’s happening now. 

Trump is fighting back. He’s managed to survive this long but cracks in his defense are showing. If he’s to continue surviving he needs a major counteroffensive that doesn’t play into the hands of everyone trying to topple him. 

If a big enough percentage of his supporters turn their backs on him he’s done and he might very well lose everything. That’s the punishment his enemies want to inflict on him. It’s not enough to just defeat Donald Trump. They want him broken and humiliated.”