Stunningly Moving Music Video Release July 4th

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Stunningly Moving Music Video Release July 4th

The UK Guardian proclaimed black conservative activist and singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus to be the most prominent African-American of the Tea Party movement. Marcus has spoken and sang at over 500 Tea Party rallies across America. Marcus is renowned for proclaiming himself, “The Unhyphenated American.”

Hollywood film director Robert Kirk has produced a new stunningly moving music video using Marcus’ original song titled, “We Are Americans.”

The release of Marcus’ new “We Are Americans” music video is July 4th:

“My fellow Americans my heart goes out for our country. We have fallen away from biblical principles and values which have made America the shining city on a hill. During your July 4th Independence Day celebration, between eating burgers and hot-dogs, please gather your family to enjoy this new 4-minute music video reminding us of who we are as Americans. Happy Independence Day! Thanks and God Bless.” Lloyd Marcus

To interview Lloyd, please contact Mary Parker: / 304-359-5691
Robert Kirk: / 951-473-7477



No, No, No! No More Gorelicks!

Family Security Matters
With all the absurdities in the world, with all the absurdities coming out of the Obama Administration, perhaps one of the most jaw-dropping, one of the most egregious, one of the most spectacular, is the notion that the person who single-handedly erected “the wall” between the US intelligence and US law enforcement communities – the wall responsible for facilitating the attacks of September 11th, 2001, Jamie Gorelick – is being considered for the position of Director of the FBI. What intellectually challenged Progressive operative could have possibly thought this was a good idea?
FBI Director Robert Mueller, who has come under scrutiny by those who study radical Islamism for his less than intensive examination of Islamist radicalization within the United States, is set to conclude his tenure in early September of this year. This puts the Obama Administration in the position of having to nominate a new director, not only to execute the post in a post-September 11th era, but to execute it for a post-Obama administration, as well.

DNC and Team Obama are Targeting Tea Partiers and Top Conservatives

Big Government

These are dangerous times.

With one-in-seven Americans living in poverty, with unemployment at record levels, with an unprecedented national deficit, with foreclosures up and businesses down, you’d think the Obama Administration and Democratic National Committee (DNC) would be focusing on the economy.  You’d be wrong.

Instead, the Community Organizer in Chief and the radical left is focusing its energy on stalking and harassing top conservatives and tea party patriots.

On Saturday, September 18th, Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart headlined an event entitled “Right Nation 2010,” held just outside of Chicago, Illinois. When Andrew Breitbart arrived at the Sears Centre west of Chicago, he was met by an angry mob of radical protesters who were “praying” for an “end to hate” while also hurling insults and homophobic slurs toward the targets of their enmity. One of the prayer leaders at the event and the lead organizer, C.J. Hawking, is also a noted socialist from the Chicago area.


Democrat Governors Officially Call Tea Party Activists “Political Terrorists”

Some time back, I made the statement that Obama was going to set this country back at least 50 years. Since before the election, he has played the Race Card. He called his own Grandmother a typical white woman, he has labeled Vets as Domestic Terrorist, he has labeled Tea Party Patriots as Tea Baggers and now they are called Political Terrorist. Nice job Barry, if I were you I might think about going back to Community Organizing School and take a refresher course.                      1 Dragon

Red State

It would be really funny if it were not true.

Remember the advertisement from the Republican Governors Association themed “Remember November”? The left went nuts because the ad was so effective.

The RGA followed it up with a new ad ridiculing the over the top rhetoric and distortions from the media.

Well, the Democratic Governors Association has decided to wade into the fray. The DGA is calling the ad a glorification of “political terrorism.”

More than a week after the RGA stirred the pot with an online ad themed around the story of 17th-century British radical Guy Fawkes, the DGA still is weighing into the debate.

“In light of the dangerous overtones of their radical ‘Remember November’ video, we are calling on Haley Barbour and the Republican Governors Association to put a stop to this ad now,” Nathan Daschle, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, said in a statement sent to the Huffington Post on Wednesday.

Note first that the HuffPo runs with the “Guy Fawkes” meme that the HuffPo itself created despite a lack of any evidence. Now they and the DGA are calling tea party activists “political terrorists.”

Damn the facts, full lies ahead!

Clearly Nick Ayers and company have hit a nerve. After all, if it were really hurting the GOP, the Democrats would be keeping quiet.


A New Group: Crash The Tea Party: Stated Goal Dismantle and Demolish The Tea Party Movement

April 9, 2010 ·

Charging Elephant posted this and it sounds like the Liberals are loosing it, Big Time. They are out of control, and they are also loosing control of their own party. This is not the Democrats of your Father or Grand-Father. These are the Democrats that want Control everything we do. To them there is no Freedom, there is no Liberty, there is only Them. These are the New Democrats, the ones that tell you if you disagree with them, then you are a racist. The ones that call Soldiers coming back from Iraq are terrorist. This is where Tyranny starts within our own government. The People have a Right to disagree and they disagree with  Obama  and his Socialistic ideas and dreams. Does this make me a racist?  I think it makes me a Patriot and an American.

1 Dragon

A new group of pro-administration goons has decided to infiltrate the T-party Movement. In doing so they plan to disparage the groups by creating havoc. Their actions will be picked up by the mainstream media’ already unproven stereotypes.  I suggest we infiltrate them with a little counterinsurgency effort exposing them to media that may alert the public.  One comment that I noted after joining was the suggestion to have signs that read Obama drinks the blood of aborted fetus’  I’m sure they will have others.  Random thoughts while observing the passing parade, I’m J.C.