What Is Coming

Family Security Matters

The  State of the Union address by President Obama is a month away, but the content  and orientation of that speech can be limned from White House briefings. Rather  than discuss failures such as a healthcare website that still rejects applicants  or ellipses such as the unrecorded conversations about the U.S. Embassy in  Benghazi or political coercion such as the selective IRS vetting process for  not-for-profit organizations, the president will concentrate on the deal with  Iran as a major achievement.

He  will not use the Neville Chamberlain rhetoric of “peace in our time” that could  easily backfire, but he will make the dubious claim that the deal with Iran has  reduced tensions in the Middle East. Moreover, he will maintain that his  administration has accomplished with diplomacy what his adversaries believe can  only be accomplished with war. The exaggerations come with the  territory.

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