Heroes Stand Alone: Trump Against All

Family Security Matters

The socialists are in need of a great upheaval; We the People are in need of a great America

Dramatic events that signify the turning points of history usually come when they are least expected. The election of Donald Trump was one of those events, the depth and historical importance of which are not being fully understood. History was made twice in a single day. The defeat of the well-organized and well-funded Democratic machine by a political upstart epitomized the most stunning election upset in American history. But even more important history was made by the defeat of socialism in the United States. This watershed moment may serve as a catalyzing event of American renewal: Never before has the incumbent socialist government been repudiated at the ballot box.

Ironically, winning the elections and defeating socialists may not be Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment. Standing against a congressional bipartisanship determined to bring him down may prove the President’s ultimate triumph.

The spiteful Democrats hate him for their defeat in 2016; the vindictive Republicans cannot forgive him for their victory.

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Communists, Socialists Plot to Get 9 Million Leftist Immigrants Voting by October


Independent Sentinel

Reports are pouring in from across the country that thousands of legal permanent residents from around the world have been inspired by Trump’s rhetoric to become citizens just so they can vote against him. They are also inspired by some sketchy leftist organizations fueled by communist and socialist agendas.

The leftists are working on a turnout of nearly nine million immigrant residents who are allegedly eligible for citizenship.

We are constantly being told there are 12 million illegal immigrants here but the left has come up with 9 million residents in addition, many of whom were given Obama amnesty.

The immigrants, legal and illegal, think that closing the borders, cutting off welfare to foreigners, deporting people here illegally is punishing the innocent because of the ‘few’ terrorists and drug cartels who come through.  After all, they will say, they are coming here out of necessity.


George Soros unveiled an unprecedented $15 million campaign to push the effort to get as many people as possible registered by the October deadline. They expect them to tip the scales in Nevada, Colorado and Florida which would be game over for Republicans.

The groups funded by Soros and other wealthy leftists are telling the people that Trump is a racist, they are entitled to come here illegally, and welfare is their due. This is their civil right they are told.

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Traitors in Government

Independent Sentinel

It is time to take a look at both sides of the aisle. Political corruption is at an all time high, and it’s dismissed by the media. It starts at the top with Obama who has pushed an anti-American agenda, and forced the United States towards Third World status.

Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven


The Cloward-Piven strategy is working to perfection combined with the Saul Alinsky tactics now being used by both sides, The citizens of this once great country are confused, tense and coming to a point where our national pride is seriously at stake.

It is my opinion that our President is not a fool, but is actively using his power to cause a decline in this country through political correctness and multiculturalism.

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Obama is Making Plans for the Former United States


Freedom Outpost

The “former” United States and Obama all in one title? What is going on here? Have we seen something very few others have seen? Have we found something others have over looked? Have we discovered the real plan of Obama’s ideology based upon his “radical” ideas? Have we asked the question thousands of other so-called reporters have just refused to ask or even consider? What do we mean here? How can we make such a statement about the President? How could we even state, “former” United States?  Follow this article and the following article closely, and at the end we will show you Obama’s plans as they have been laid out for him and all Socialists, Marxists and Communists that wish to ruin the United States once and for all.


We can make this claim for several reasons; some based upon an individual, an individual who Obama studied and not just Karl Marx. Let us begin this by showing what Obama’s plan is.  We’ll also show what and how this compares to certain individuals that Obama studied, following their ideologies that are designed to undermine both the United States and our Constitution; the law of the land.

See if the following ideas apply to what Obama is now doing. It should become evident after reading the very first rule below.

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Stop the Marxist/socialist Islamofascist madness!

Free Republic

by Jim Robinson

Obama’s Marxist socialist government is in a mad rush to destroy the final remnants of our constitution and our traditional American way of life.

We love America. We love freedom. We love and defend our constitution. We cherish our God-given unalienable rights. We cherish and depend on our rights to free speech, free press, freedom of religion, freedom to keep and bear arms, freedom to be secure in our homes and personal affairs, freedom to travel, freedom to enjoy the fruits of our own labor.


(Photo via JagHunter:)

But the socialist don’t. The Marxists don’t. The Islamofascists don’t.

The socialist Democrat party led by Marxist/socialists Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al, are hell bent on restricting ALL of our cherished God-given unalienable rights. They want to restrict and dethrone God Almighty himself.

The godless Marxist/fascist/socialist liberals and progressives want no limits whatsoever on their greed and lust and thirst for unlimited government power and control over every aspect of our lives.

The godless Communist/Marxist/socialist liberals have infested our society and all of our public institutions. Our government, our schools, our churches, our fraternal organizations and clubs, our scouting organizations, our media and entertainment industries, our corporations, our trade unions, our neighborhoods, everywhere. They’ve infiltrated into our opposition Republican party and now even our tea party which sprang up from the grassroots to fight them!

They are the enemy of capitalism, the enemy of the constitution, the enemy freedom, the enemy of free religion, the enemy of morality, the enemy of free society, the enemy of America, the enemy of God Himself!

And very few people are actually standing up to them.

They allow no crisis to go wasted. They THRIVE on turmoil and crisis. They thrive on these to pass ever more restrictive laws, rules and regulations and to curtail even more of our freedoms. They thrive on unemployment, strikes, political and social unrest and upheaval. They thrive on social tension, business downturns, class and social warfare, illegal alien invasions, unemployment, deficit spending, big taxing, big borrowing. They thrive on drug wars, drug lords, drug gangs, mass murder. They thrive on terrorist attacks on America and gun battles in our streets!

All of these things allow them to pass even more draconian laws, restrict even more of our rights, entrench and root themselves even more deeply into our institutions and our society. They are restricting our rights to travel unmolested by government worker union goons. They have been for years attempting to disarm us and they’re using mass murder perpetrated by crazed individuals to step up that effort. They are attempting to destroy religion and family values by forcing us via government power to accept homosexual perversion as normal. They’ve already done so with easy divorce and “legal” (because a liberal court says so) abortion. They are indoctrinating our youth and propagandizing our society.

And get ready for it because their Marxist/socialist/fascist propaganda arm is now beginning to condition us to their “fact” that we’re going to have to accept random terrorist attacks throughout America as the new norm and there’s nothing we can do about it. And that when these attacks occur, the government will sometimes have to suspend the constitution so they can do armed house to house searches in the name of making us “safe and secure.”

Like hell you say. It’s way past time to stop the madness!!

The last I heard this nation is at war against Islamic terrorism and any nation that harbors them or offers aid and comfort to known terrorist organizations. We should immediately clamp down a moratorium on immigration from any of these Islamic terrorist harboring nations or nations who offer aid and comfort to the enemy. That only makes sense. If you are at war with a nation or a people, you do not allow them to infiltrate in via immigration!

Our nation is also engaged in a decades long drug war. We should immediately clamp down a moratorium on immigration from drug infested nations. We do not want or need their drugs or their castoffs or their gangland gun battles in our streets. Secure the borders! It’s commonsense!

And we do not need socialist/RINO driven “comprehensive reform” of the immigration laws. We need to get an immediate handle on immigration. That would best be accomplished by impeaching president Obama for his gross negligence and willful dereliction of duty and willful failure to enforce the law. The Congress should either FORCE him to enforce the law immediately or impeach him! It’s commonsense!

The congress should scrap their 800 page open borders/amnesty bill and instead just tighten the immigration policy. We don’t need a new law to clamp down on the illegal invasion. We just need a congress with the balls to put their teeth into the existing law and into the backside of the president and his neglectful partisan lieutenants.

And we should immediately fire Janet Napolitano for gross incompetence and negligence and for trying to redirect the security forces that she heads up to concentrate on American citizens instead of the enemy. She’s even written that white constitution defending Christian patriot veterans are more of a threat to America than the terrorists. Give me a break! We who have shed blood and sacrificed defending America and our constitution from communist pigs and tyrants are not the enemy! Got news for her. SHE is a threat to America and she sits in a position of power where she can carry out her threats. And her boss, B. Hussein Obams (himself a Marxist Islamofascist), cheers her on! They, not us, represent the enemy within!


Stop the out of control government spending! It’s being spent on unconstitutional socialist programs, unconstitutional partisan rule making regulatory bodies and unconstitutional draconian police state security forces and even an unconstitutional heavily armed private “civilian” army bearing allegiance to the president himself!


Cut the federal socialist idiocy and return all of these unconstitutional functions (if they are needed at all) to the states and the people per the constitution!

Stop the high taxes that are eating us out of house and home and places of employment! Stop the deficit spending and the borrowing and the money printing which is mortgaging our future and endangering our ability to survive as a free nation!

Stop Obama and his legions of Marxist Islamofascist political animals from politicizing all of our government institutions and agencies, including now with many others the DOJ, the DHS, the FBI, the CIA, the immigration and border security agencies, and the military! These agencies should not be partisan agencies promoting and enforcing the Marxist/socialist agenda! No government institution should be! They should all be defending America and her citizens and upholding, supporting and defending the Constitution of the U.S. first and foremost!

God-loving, freedom loving, constitution loving, America loving Patriots RISE UP and defend your nation! It’s being destroyed right before our very eyes. Demand the congress quits pussyfooting around (McCain, Graham, Rubio, Flake, Paul, et al) and take IMMEDIATE effective action!

Liberals, Progressives and Socialists


In Europe, especially in Germany, hoisting a swastika-emblazoned Nazi flag is a crime. For decades after World War II, people have hunted down and sought punishment for Nazi murderers, who were responsible for the deaths of more than 20 million people.

Here’s my question: Why are the horrors of Nazism so well-known and widely condemned but not those of socialism and communism? What goes untaught — and possibly is covered up — is that socialist and communist ideas have produced the greatest evil in mankind’s history.

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