Barack Obama Should Be Charged With Treason for Aiding Terrorist Organizations

Freedom Outpost

Over the past few days, the world has been reminded of the dangers of  terrorism born from radical Islam. The first  attack happened at a busy shopping center in Nairobi, Kenya where a Somali  terror group with links to Al Qaeda killed at least 60 people and took many  more  hostage. At present, it seems that at least 5 and perhaps as many as 10 of  the  terrorists were  American citizens.

The second attack came in the form of twin  suicide bombings at an All Saints Church, which is a Christian church in  Peshawar, Pakistan. The terrorist group responsible for this is also Al Qaeda  linked with headquarters in Palestinian territory. This attack killed at least  120 people. The reason for the attack is said to be because of American drone  strikes in Pakistan.

These recent attacks only echo the mindset behind terrorist groups such as Al  Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamic terrorist  organizations. 

This year alone we have witnessed the barbarism of an Al Qaeda rebel fighter  in Syria cutting the heart out of a government soldier and eating it. (WARNING:  The following videos are graphic in nature)

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