Democrats: ‘Let’s Do the Time Warp Again’

Image via


American Thinker

By Clarice Feldman

Looking back on the week’s events, it occurs to me that the Democrats’ new theme song should be “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” as they reprise the demagogic lies and smear tactics that once worked for them but are now failing for anyone with a memory longer than a week or two.  On the other hand, watching the Russian collusion fizzle, it might be “I’m Waiting for Ships that Never Come In.”

Let’s start with Hurricane Florence.  It’s doing a lot of damage, and we naturally share concern for the well-being of those in its path.  But it was no sooner announced than the usual demagogues claimed falsely that it was the result of climate change and somehow pulling us out of the economically devastating and factually pointless Paris Accords made the president responsible for the devastation.  In any event, Florence quickly dropped from a Category 5 hurricane to a Category 1.  I’m waiting for these same critics to credit Trump for that turn of events.

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