Are they ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ or Not?

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One of the defining themes of Donald Trump’s candidacy was his repudiation of the willful blindness of the Obama-Clinton administration about the nature of the Sharia-supremacist enemies we confront. Unlike Barack Obama, Mr. Trump made a point of repeatedly calling them “radical Islamic terrorists.”

The New York Times has reported, however, that the President’s new National Security Advisor told his first staff meeting last week that he rejected that characterization. If true, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster seems unlikely to advance and execute the Trump strategy for Victory over Jihad.

Donald Trump’s voters rightly expect him to fulfill his pledge to “make America safe again” against radical Islamic terrorists. They will hold him accountable for his promise to eradicate such jihadists “from the face of the earth.” His team must, therefore, fully share his vision – and faithfully deliver on his commitments.