Two Days to late, Mr. President….as usual


President Obama has missed the opportunity to stop the fraudulent attack against conservatives and talk radio by the media and Democrats.  Now,  our President gives us the big,  written out and ‘late’ speech that talks about the victims and ‘healing for the nation.’  ‘Honor the Dead and the families.’  No mention about the obscene distortion,  libel and lies hurled at conservatives who speak their mind on radio and TV.

Shame on Barack Obama!  He is the President of all US citizens and he has fraudulently and stupidly missed the opportunity to promote the truth,  represent us all and stop the libel.  The teleprompter speech now is as usual,  2 days late.  You see,  it would not serve Obama and the progressive left’s purposes to stop the blame and lies.  Saul Alynsky and Rules for Radicals tells them what to do and this is a crises not to waste.

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