Sexual Predator Honored With U.S. Postage Stamp

Photo credit: San Francisco Public Library (Creative Commons)

Western Journalism

Benjamin Franklin famously quipped, “In this world, nothing can be said to be  certain, except death and taxes.”

Franklin evidently failed to envisage today’s postmodern left. For the  conservative, there exists at least one other certainty, and it is this: The  degree to which “progressives” attack you corresponds precisely to the degree  with which you challenge any among their assorted, distorted, and sordid sacred  cows.

What would you call a 33-year-old man who both had and axiomatically acted  upon a deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys? (No,  not Jerry Sandusky.)

What would you call a man of whom, as regards sexual preference, his own  friend and biographer confessed, “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs  with substance abuse problems”?

In a recent interview with, I called this man  “demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his [statutory] rape of  teenage boys.”

But you can call him Harvey Milk.

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